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How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Home Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth

How to whiten your teeth

In return for the pale yellow, are your teeth beginning to lose their bright white shine? At first, you do not note it, because as you age, it happens steadily and overtime. 

What makes the teeth turning yellow 

Some foods you eat will stain your teeth and cause a pale yellow color to appear. Foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea, dark sodas, and fruit juices, can stain teeth in the same way as tobacco products and smoking. 

Decoloration of the teeth also occurs when the dentin-a smooth, light yellow, porous layer of tissue immediately beneath the enamel-has been damaged by white and translucent enamel. Acidic foods and beverages can erode tooth enamel and result in exposed dentin, such as citrus fruits, juices, or carbonated drinks like soda. 

With some of the remedies listed below, you may whiten your teeth:

1. Fresh Foods

Good foods and diet

For your teeth, certain foods are safe. Calcium-rich foods can help protect your teeth from enamel degradation, such as milk, cheese, and broccoli. With minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, and protein that safeguards tooth enamel, cheese helps keep your teeth healthy. Apples have a high malic acid content that is used in many kinds of toothpaste. Saliva, which cleans your teeth and helps eliminate stains, is increased by malic acid. 

2. Baking Soda 

Whitening of teeth

Baking soda has natural whitening capabilities, and that is why commercial toothpaste makes it a common ingredient. 

Baking soda-containing toothpaste is more reliable and safe for removing tooth stains and whitening teeth, according to studies. 

You can make a baking soda and water or hydrogen peroxide paste and brush it with your teeth. As this can be too abrasive and erode your enamel, be careful not to use it regularly.

3. Activated Charcoal 

Activated charcoal for tooth whitening

Activated charcoal is stored at a high temperature by thoroughly heating the charcoal. This method takes off molecules originally ingested and frees up binding sites. In powder form, activated charcoal is also available. This is said to act as a poisoning and overdosing procedure. 

To remove stains from your teeth, you can use activated charcoal. It is thought that, since it's highly absorbent, charcoal will strip pigments and stains from your teeth. It's said to get rid of bacteria and toxins in the mouth as well. Some products for whitening teeth are composed of activated charcoal. These drugs have many advantages, including antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral drugs. These advantages avoid discoloration of the teeth and inflammation of the gum. 

To create a mouthwash, you can also mix activated charcoal with a small amount of water. Swish for 2 minutes with this solution and then spit it out.

4. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling method for teeth whitening

Oil pulling is an alternative medical procedure in which, similar to mouthwash, edible oil is swished around the mouth for a period of time and then spit out. 

Rinse the mouth with oil for a minute after brushing to try this process, then spit it out. Coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil are oils ideal for oil pulling. 

There is, however, no evidence to support the arguments made about the advantages of oil pulling. 

5. Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen Peroxide

In comparison to a toothpaste that uses high cleaning silica, which only eliminates surface stains on the outer layer of the teeth, hydrogen peroxide whitening teeth cleans the stains that discolor the tooth from the inside out. 

By stirring a solution consisting of 1⁄2 water and 1⁄2 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, you can also try a hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse. 

Tooth sensitivity may be improved by hydrogen peroxide, so it is not ideal for long-term use or for people who already have sensitive teeth.

6. Avoid Smoking 

Smoking is injurious to health

The staining of your teeth is one of the consequences of smoking. For smoking, the primary source of dental staining is nicotine and tar. The nicotine and tar from smoking filter through tiny pores through the enamel of the tooth, leaving the teeth discolored. 

7. Maintain Adequate Oral Hygiene

Maintain proper oral hygiene

Proper oral hygiene reduces the rotting of gums and prevents stains. Clean your teeth twice a day at the very least. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle against the gums while brushing. In quick (tooth-wide) strokes, shift the brush back and forth gently. Clean the surfaces of the exterior tooth, the surfaces of the inner tooth, and the teeth's chewing surfaces. Brush your tongue, too, to kill bacteria and refresh your breath. 
  • Using a toothpaste made from fluoride. Fluoride can fight against tooth decay and even reverse it. 
  • To clear plaque between the teeth, floss. 
  • Make use of a mouth rinse for added protection. Bacteria and plaque activity are reduced by antimicrobial mouth rinses.


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