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18 Dirtiest Body Parts You're Not Washing Enough

18 Dirtiest Body Sections That Should Be Washed Regularly

Dirtiest part of human body

Do you properly clean your body parts? If not, this article will give you an insight into the dirtiest areas of the body that you do not wash sufficiently. 

Several different forms of germs and bacteria are drawn to our bodies due to the way all animals, including humans, work. Several different areas of the body are germ magnets, from the mouth to the armpits, and the scalp (especially if you have dandruff). Hopefully, this article will have some insights and help you develop the hygienic routine further.

Dirtiest Parts Of The Body

So, every time you step into the shower, remember to clean these areas of the body as well.

1. Mouth

Dirtiest part of human body

The mouth is one of the dirty areas of the human body, according to a lot of different statistics. More than 600 distinct bacteria are living in the mouth of the average person at any given moment, so remember to brush your teeth regularly.

2. The Ears 

Dirtiest part of human body

We're not talking about cleaning the ears from the inside but cleaning the ears from behind. The back of the ear goes unnoticed when taking a shower, which gives way to dirt accumulation as the sebaceous glands there secrete sebum to keep your ear skin moist. This sticky sebum absorbs dirt and bacteria that can begin to smell when not washed with water every day. When it comes to cleaning the inner ears, the ear wax with cotton buds should not be washed because it can cause ear injuries.

3. Underarm

Dirtiest part of human body

The underarms are the most common body part associated with body odor. 

This body region is filled with apocrine sweat glands, which grow with hair follicles in dense areas. 

Currently, sweat on its own does not have any smell. Bacteria + sweat = odor. The sweat produced by the apocrine glands is thicker and contains more proteins and fats, causing an unpleasant odor. 

Do you know that there are more than 80,000 bacteria associated with this part of the body and that is why it stinks? 

Deodorants are not the ideal solution to this dilemma, opting for some natural remedies and always keeping them clean.

4. The Scalp 

Dirtiest part of human body

The scalp is a part of the body people never think about. Just because most people don't think about it, doesn't mean that even remotely clean is this place. Everyone has scalp-living bacteria, but people with dandruff have many times the number of germs on their heads. 

5. Back 

Dirtiest part of human body

Your back might get wet in the tub, but, as you might expect, it might not be absolutely clean. One of the neglected parts of the body and one of the main areas of the body in the back. So it's very easy for the pores and glands in your back to get clogged when you're resting your back in bed. So not properly cleaning your back will contribute to back acne.

6. Buttons of Abdomen

Dirtiest part of human body

Probably one of the most ignored parts of the body is our belly buttons. They do not really serve any purpose after birth. This hollow body region ends up trapping dirt, sweat, germs, and bacteria. The belly button has 2,368 bacterial species, according to a 2011 study performed at the Nature Research Center at the Museum of Natural Sciences of North Carolina. As a consequence, to keep it safe, it needs some extra care.

7. Tongue 

Dirtiest part of human body

In an earlier paragraph, the mouth was referred to, but that portion was about the general region. The tongue is generally several times dirtier than the gum and other parts of your mouth, more precisely speaking. That is why, when you're finished brushing your teeth, you can always clean your tongue. 

8. Toes And Feet 

Dirtiest part of human body

It is important to clean and scrub your toes and feet with a pumice stone, as this is one such place where dirt forms easily. Tinea pedis is a type of fungus that causes the foot of the athlete to grow between or behind your toes[9]. So, with soap and water, wash and clean the area between your toes and keep your feet dry as much as possible. 

9. The Anus

Dirtiest part of human body

The anus is perhaps one of the body's most well-known dirty places. Fortunately, because most individuals have a general understanding of why this region is filthy, you do not need to know why this region is such a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of different germs.

10. Fingernails 

Dirtiest part of the body

The fingernails are not such a filthy place of their own, since they are just a formation of dead cells (sort of close to how hair grows). The reason fingernails get dirty anyway is that regularly they catch dirt, dust, and other nasty things. 

11. Hands

Dirtiest part of the body

Not properly washing your hands will make you sick as a lot of stuff is touched by your hands during the day. 95 percent of individuals do not know how to wash their hands properly, according to a report reported in the Journal of Environmental Health. Cleaning your hands for at least 20 seconds is appropriate, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

12. The Colon

Dirtiest part of the body

The colon is part of the large intestine, meaning that before it gets excreted outside the body, it is one of the last parts of the body to come into contact with the waste. It can harbor hundreds of different bacteria due to the colon's interaction with feces.

13. Groin 

Dirtiest part of the body

There are folds and creases in the groin and sweating in that area is very normal. This contributes to bacterial growth across the membrane of your genitals. To avoid excessive sweat, this is why effective washing of the groin is necessary. To avoid sweat from happening in the first place, wear loose cotton undergarments. 

14. The Small Intestine 

Dirtiest part of the body

The small intestine is the region of the body that connects the colon and the large intestine to your stomach. The small intestine would be cleaner than the colon because of its position, but it can still host certain forms of bacteria because of the amount of time food will reside in the small intestine. 

15. The stomach

Dirtiest part of the body

The stomach is another region of the body that is renowned for its bacterial content. The positive thing about the stomach is that most of the bacteria living inside it are of the "positive kind," which ensures that it is useful for food digestion.

16. The Buttock Top 

Dirtiest part of the body

This region of the body both creates and gathers sweat quite quickly, whether or not we want to admit it. It is definitely not the most enjoyable place to sweat and when they work out or on a hot summer day, people usually feel this problem the most. 

17. Behind The Knee and Inner Elbow 

Dirtiest part of the body

You certainly never thought the places that could cause odor were your inner elbows or behind the knees. Even these neglected crevices, however, can absorb a great deal of moisture, making it a perfect breeding ground for odorous bacteria.

18. The Nose

There are germs in all the various cavities in your body which means that the nasal cavity is no various. At times when you have a cold and there is more mucus running through the canals, the nose gets particularly dirty.

In These Places, How To Battle Bacteria 

Eliminate Your Skin Bacteria 

When you are bathing and using a natural antibacterial soap to clean up, pay more attention to these areas. A natural antibacterial soap helps to remove skin bacteria and helps to manage odor, so you can remain fresher during the day. 

Avoid Synthetic Fabrics

Choose natural fibers, such as organic cotton or bamboo, that allow your skin to breathe with clothing, underwear, and even your socks. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester can trap moisture and improve the growth of bacteria.


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