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How To Survive In Nigeria

6 Ways To Survive In Nigeria It is not for the faint of heart to live in Nigeria. You must be tough and willing to face as many obstacles as possible. If you stay at home, the epileptic power supply, not to mention the oppressive heat, will drive you insane. People and things would frustrate you if you decide to leave your house. Things are worse by the day, and all we can do is whine, catch cruise and hope that things will improve soon. While we continue to struggle and hope for a better day, here are six survival suggestions for Nigerians. 1. Become a jack-of-all-trades Nigerians are multi-talented. They've learned to take care of themselves in every way. This is a common occurrence, particularly in the entertainment industry. You will not get anywhere if you keep waiting on the government. You can use as many skills as you want. Learn a trade and work for yourself. Just don't sit around hoping for manna from up high. You must work hard. 2. The Na God Dey Feed The Boy Days Th
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4 Ways to value yourself

4 Ways to value yourself When people receive words of admiration, they feel a sense of fulfillment, as well as a desire to do more and be the greatest at what they've been praised for. This is similar to how you feel when you appreciate yourself. You believe you are cherished, and you will never accept any type of disrespect directed at you. Here are some suggestions for increasing your self-awareness: Meditation Meditation is a wonderful approach to find your center. You may always resort to meditation when life is difficult or your mind is racing. It's also open to everyone because it can be done from anywhere. All you have to do is locate a peaceful, comfortable place, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. You will reap the benefits of meditation as your own wellness advocate if you commit to calming your thoughts every day. Read Finding a book (books) that speak to you is an essential aspect of self-love and mental wellness. The more you read, the more fresh ways yo

5 Forms Of Cuddles To Help With Tension

5 Forms Of Cuddles To Help With Tension Job and life, maybe frustrating in general, and you're always searching for ways to distress. You are constantly searching for tasks that help to alleviate stress and make life more enjoyable and fun.  Cuddling is one practice that is highly underestimated and works for distress. Cuddling is an awesome way to de-stress and build intimacy, whether it's with your partner, your beloved four-legged friend, or a supportive body support pillow or friend.  Cuddling is more than just wrapping your arms around someone and holding on. Cuddling is a language of love all its own.  There is no right or wrong way to cuddle, but some that can support you in your relationships and personally are below: 1. Spooning  The greatest cuddling role is spooning. It can also be erotic, however. When cuddling, everyone can be the 'big spoon,' but it's always the larger or more dominant partner. You throw your arms around your partner or friend while yo

How To Pass Exams Successfully

How To Pass Exams Excellently You know, there's more to life than books, just not much much. That was how the British rock band The Smiths sang back in the 1980s. Right now if you're studying in school or college, you probably agree with that sentiment very strongly. You can feel like your entire life revolves around tests, and one lot of research is out of the way no sooner, but you are instantly pitched into another! The bad news is that tests proceed long into your twenties if you take up a career such as medicine or accountancy. Fortunately, in order to make the pain worse, there are a few things you can do. 1. Ask the teacher Teachers probably have a single function, as far as you are concerned: to help you pass your exams and then get a job or move on to the next stage of your education. Teachers themselves see things a little differently-don't forget that every year they have to get hundreds of students through tests, but their expectations are normally in line with

How To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

How To Conquer Fear And Anxiety And Power The Performance Of You What frightens you? For anyone, learning how to conquer feelings of failure can be difficult.  Luckily, all anxieties are known. No one with fears is born. Fears, therefore, may be unlearned by constantly practicing self-discipline with respect to fear before it goes away.  Fear of failure, poverty, and lack of money are the most common fears we face, which also sabotage any hope for success.  These fears cause individuals to avoid some kind of danger and to deny a chance when it is posed to them. They are so terrified of failure that when it comes to taking any risks at all, they are almost paralyzed. What makes you frightened?  A lot of stuff makes us feel scared. Being afraid of certain things will keep you safe, like fires. Fearing failure will make you try to do better enough that you will not struggle, but if the feeling is too intense, it can also stop you from doing well.  What you're afraid of and how you beh

3 Reasons You Struggle In Romantic Relations

3 Reasons You Struggle In Romantic Relations On so many social media platforms, you see yourself shouting "God when" admiring the many love stories and photos. However, your own love life appears to be in a state of chaos.  You have made attempts to ensure that you have a better life of love, but all seems to be futile. Most people always want intimacy, but they still fail at it.  Most people are afraid of being alone and afraid of intimacy at the same time.  Any explanations and ways to claim that you are afraid of intimacy are below. It is likely that you are not aware that you are. Your acts vary from your intentions For each of us, the way we establish distance in a relationship is different and is usually heavily influenced by our history of attachment. A person with a pattern of dismissive-avoidant attachment can be aloof to another individual's needs, particularly a romantic partner.  As a consequence of past marriages, heartbreaks, or even family history, this men

5 Worst Countries for Dating

5 Countries that could Exacerbate your Love Life Iceland: Accidental Incest  Iceland is a country of very few inhabitants because of all its scenic beauty. In addition, a "Volcanic Island, Middle of Nowhere, Atlantic Ocean" address does not really promote a lot of mixing with other populations.  This results in a situation where your cousin clearly has a very real fear of mistakenly dating you. Just imagine going out to a bar, seeing someone beautiful looking your way, and discovering that psycho racist aunt you both described is in fact, one and the same after 30 minutes of talk and some vaguely intimate touching. "Or as one Icelander, Einar Magnusson, puts it, "Everyone's heard the tale of going to a family function and running into a girl you've been tied up with for a while". Yes you know, when someone has funny tales of kind-of-maybe-incest, it's a perfect dating scene.  But not to worry, there's an app for just that situation right now! Th