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50 Strange Facts That Will Be Hard For You To Believe

50 Weird But True Facts That Will Shake Up Your World

Weird Facts

There is a reason why people think the fact is rarer than fiction. The universe can be a very unlikely place between incredible developments and natural odds. Only when you think you are too confident and you know all of this, can people and stuff happily surprise you.

You can still have fun by engaging your friends and family with each other during the COVID-19 quarantine and feel the effects of social dissociation. If you chat over email, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, make one of them the most interesting, yet weird facts that will get everyone to talk about!
You could turn these odd facts into questions of trivia and take your friends to virtual trivia games. Or simply by sending one of the odd yet true facts to your favorite people over text, you might surprise anyone.

What are you aware of the strangest fact? 

We bet it isn't as crazy as any! These facts may sound completely false, but trust us, they're absolutely true! 

So why not try this 50 odd yet true truth that shocks you if you have ten minutes to spare!

1. In ancient times, spider webs have been used as bandages. 

Doctors used spider webs in ancient Greece and Rome to bandage patients.  Spider webs contain reportedly natural antiseptic and fungal agents, which can help to preserve clean wounds and avoid infections. Spider webs, which helps to encourage coagulation, are also high in vitamin K. So, when you are out of Band-Aids, just take some "webicillin" from your garret.*wink*

2. Orangutan males may be drawn to red hair women. 

Orangutans have a peculiar feature, often males display little concern for women but also women if their hair is red (like the apes). Orangutan Hsing Hsing from an Australian Zoo, for example, once stole from a magazine an image of Nicole Kidman and took it home. He seemed to love her a lot.

3. On your feet are one-quarter of all your bones. 

Each foot consists of 26 bones. This is 52 bones in both feet, of the entire body, of the 206 total bones, over 25%. At first, it might sound ridiculous, but think of it: your feet are supporting your weight so that you can leap, run, and climb. Such bones and joints also allow your feet to energy efficiently absorb and release. This is one of the reasons people in an endurance race will overwhelm any other species.

4. A computer virus is more likely to occur on religious websites than on porn sites. 

Religious websites carry three times more threats to malware than pornography sites, according to research from Symantec. Symantec found that there was an average of about 115 security threats on religious sites, as opposed to about 25 adult materials. Currently, only 2.4% of adult websites were malware-infected. The researchers hypothesized it because porn sites must make a profit, so a financial incentive is available to keep these sites viruses free to encourage business repeats.

5. An episode of Peppa Pig was forbidden in Australia because it taught children not to be afraid of spiders. 

A very harmless episode of the show for children was banned in Australia after several parents complained their children were misinformed that the spiders were not scary. In Australia, spiders are much more dangerous and lethal than people in Europe and America see. You really should be careful.

6. Initially, sunglasses had been designed to conceal the facial expressions of Chinese judges in court. 

Sunglasses also act as protective eyewear to prevent luminous sunlight from causing irritation or eye damage. They're a fashion addition, of course. In China, however, in the 12th century, sun-glasses were originally made from smoky quartz and used by judges as they questioned witnesses to conceal emotions.

7. 16 years later, in her backyard, one woman who lost her wedding ring finds it on a carrot. 

A Swedish woman lost her marriage ring during Christmas cooking in 1995. She was looking for it everywhere and even pulling up her kitchen floor trying to find it. But until 2012, she'd never see it again. 
When she gardened sixteen years later, she found the ring in the middle of a carrot. The only excuse was that in vegetable scrubs that had become compost, the ring must have been lost. Composting is obviously not just beneficial for the community.

8. Falsified bills charged the fraudster who sold a fraudulent image for $1.7 million. 

Had an unfortunate couple of fraudsters in history been questioned, these 2 Spanish men would win. In 2003, they tried to sell a fake Goya painting but it was actually painted by a Spanish artist, Antonio MarĂ­a Esquivel. 

The client, the "rich Arab sheik," negotiated with an intermediary who asked the sellers to make a $300,000 fee. It's weird, but the fraudsters had nothing to fear and borrowed the money from a person they had known and wanted to make the offer.

The men started to sell the painting for CHF 4 million, but only CHF 1.7 million (which is approximately CHF 1.7 million) ended up in it. The problem, like the painting, was the money being fake. The men were arrested when they were trying to deposit their money on a bank account and the intermediary was never found.

9. A dentist invented cotton candy. 

Dentist William Morrison and clothing manufacturer John C. Wharton in 1897 invented cotton sweets spun on the machine. It was first described in 1904 as a "Fairy Floss" at the world trade fair, where it was reinvented in 1921 by another dentist, Josef Lascaux. He was named "candy cotton," replacing "fairy floss."

10. The trip to space will take just an hour. 

According to astronomer Fred Hoyle, when you get into your car, turn the ignition and go to the sky at 60 mph, it takes just an hour to get into the air. Naturally, it's just a hypothesis, but it's definitely fun to ponder upon it!

11. Genetic siblings, not cousins, are offspring of identical twins. 

Cousins with identical twins share 25% of their DNA, rather than the normal 12.5%. Although full-born children share 50% of their DNA, half-born children share 25%. That is why children of identical twins are genetically similar to half-siblings, while they are technically cousins.

12. The power line was damaged by a Canadian man lost in the woods, to help the maintenance crew find and rescue him. 

Saskatchewan was a resident of the Canadian province when the storm struck directly over the lake, fishing on its boat. The boat was transferred to a place that was unknown to the fisherman and was stuck in the bushes. He was unable, and he had no idea where he was, to find his way out of the forest on his own. He took a desperate decision, breaking the powerline with an axle near him, and awaiting the helicopter and the restoration of his life.

He thought correctly: the helicopter came and rescued the man. Yet he had a fine on the damage and the 30 hours without power incurred by other people. But the more important thing is life, isn't it?

13. Illinois-style cornflake sold at $1.350 on eBay. 

In 2008, two sisters of Virginia found a cornflake in the form of Illinois and sold the cornflake for $1,350 on eBay. Monty Kerr was the purchaser and he explained that he wanted his traveling museum to include a special piece of cereal. He told the Associated Press, "We launch a series of pop culture and Americana items." "It was a great one we figured."

14. More than one million pounds will weigh a cloud. 

Clouds don't seem as warm and fluffy. In reality, a single cloud is approximately 1.1 million pounds. Researchers find. How do they know? How do they know? Well, this number is calculated by taking and multiplying the water density of a cloud by its volume. Fortunately, the cloud will still "float" because it is thicker beneath the air.

15. There's a grape that tastes like cotton candy. 

The grape that is 12 percent more sugar than normal grapes was bred by a variety of vegetative breeders in California. It was 12 years after the breeders started to market the new grapes in 2013. 

The raisins smell and behave like normal grapes, but they have almost the same flavor as the candy cotton. This is a perfect substitute for daily candies.

16. All swans of England are owned by the Queen. 

Under British law, the Queen is responsible for any undesired swan swimming in England and Wales' open waters. The law was established in medieval times when swans were a delicacy for the rich. In the third week of July, all swans of the Thames are counted for the Queen for the Swan Upping practice, which was called the "Swan Upping". Queen Elizabeth II retains a tradition of many centuries with the Swans.

17. Twins were born less than a month after a baby by a female with two uteruses. 

If the majority of people have a kid, they normally wait for a little for another child to be thought. But that was not the way for a woman in Bangladesh, who in March 2019, less than a month after another newborn, suddenly delivered twins. The exceptionally rare case came when the woman has two uteri and the two were able to carry the three healthy children successfully. The doctor of the mother, however, admitted: "We were extremely shocked and surprised".

18. The IQ was higher than Albert Einstein's for Marilyn Monroe.

There is evidence that Marilyn Monroe had an IQ between 163 and 168, and Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160. Obviously, this point can not now be proven or tested. It is understood that she was a smart woman. She read a lot and had diverse interests.  Another interesting fact is that Albert Einstein once gave her a very valuable autograph photo.

19. At night, rainbows can appear. 

As the name indicates, Moonbow is moon-caused. It is less luminous than a normal rainbow, and it seems white to the human eye, whereas the colors of a long-term picture are capable of being taken. 

In areas next to waterfalls or under such circumstances the Moonbow can be seen: the full moon should not be too high in the sky and the sky itself must be dim. The Moonbow's size is about the same as a typical rainbow.

20. Bumblebees can fly above Mount Everest. 

If you thought it was amazing for people to reach the top of Mount Everest, you would be shocked that bumblebees can also reach the peak. Researchers who monitored two bees, which could fly at over 29,525 feet (or 9,000 meters above Everest), confessed to their "shock" at what height.

21. The Terminator sold for $1. 

Terminator's box office in 1984 totaled $78.3 million, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, globally. Over $1.4 billion was spent on the franchise, not bad for a movie that sold a dollar for its rights. 

He was only an unknown filmmaker with an ambitious idea before James Cameron came to be known to direct blockbusters like Titanic and Avatar. He gave the rights to the script for a token amount on the terms in which he could conduct the film to make his film.
Despite the potential success of the project, Cameron admitted later that he regretted the decision to sell such a precious piece of history for such a tiny sum, "I would have wished I hadn't sold the dollar's rights. If I had a little tweet time machine and could submit a tweet only, it would be—'don't sell.'"

22. Scientist finds a vanishing ass in an organism. 

The comb jelly — sometimes referred to by the warty comb jelly, sea nozzle, or leidyi Mnemiopsis — has a vanishing ass. In Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Sidney Tamm of Marine Bio-Lab at New Scientist reported that "there is no proof of any other transient anus that I know about. It's not visible when the animal doesn't poop. There's no evidence underneath the microscope. It's invisible to me."

23. Someone was trying on eBay to sell New Zealand. 

Some peculiar things were sold on eBay, from a barbecued cheese toast with the Virgin Mary face to the half-eaten French toast by Justin Timberlake. But for the country of New Zealand, one of the strangest listings had ever to be. That's right: A Brisbane Australian man attempted in 2006 to sell New Zealand on eBay. 

The list described the country as the "most sluggish US Cup win of all time," and said that there were "very ordinary weather conditions." The starting bid was 1 cent and the sales price for New Zealand rose to $3,000 after 6,000 hits and 22 bids.
Eventually, eBay captured and pulled the wind from the auction site. "New Zealand is clearly not on sale," an eBay Australia spokesman said at that time.

24. Sumo wrestlers make babies weep for luck. 

While most parents do their best to prevent or prevent their babies from crying, in Japan it's not always the case. Since it is a 400-year-old tradition of Japan, if you can cry your baby by a sumo wrestler, that means that he or she will live a healthy life. Parents pass their boys over to sumo wrestlers during a special ceremony, who bounce up and down their precious tots and sometimes roar in their small faces, to make the tears flow. Mother Mae Shige said at an event in 2014 "he's not a kid who yells too much, but now he's crying a lot for us, and we're really glad about it."

25. An individual could swim through the veins of a blue whale. 

The blue whale is the greatest living thing — it is much bigger than most dinosaurs. The largest blue whales can be more than 100 meters long and weigh over 100 tons. Their hearts alone are 1300 pounds and are a small car's size. Blue whales, unstoppably, have large arteries that pump their blood into their heart and vital organs. These arteries are so large that a fully formed person can swim through them and not that you should attempt it.

26. People may have a psychological condition known as boanthropy, which makes them think they are a cow. They try to live like a cow. 

27. A 'Hyperbolic Paraboloid' is named after the shape of Pringles. 

28. On all continents except Antarctica, there is a McDonald's. 

29. The first toy to be put on TV was Mr. Potato Head. 

30. Currently, a duel between three is called a truel. 

31. The frostbite stage is called "freezing." 

32. The two small troughs perforated in each BIC style are to ensure that the air pressure inside and outside the stylo is the same that lets tin flow through the tip. 

33. There is an emergency number (113) for reporting spies in South Korea.

34. Since 7000BC, people have been dentists, making dentists one of the oldest professions. 

35. In Australia, in 1906 the first-ever documented feature film was produced. 

36. Old Roman surgeons have been trained to block human pain screams. 

37. NBC's Today Show had a chimpanzee host called J.Fred Muggs, between 1937 and 1953. It is estimated that he brought about 100 million dollars to the network. 

38. The rose-family includes apples, peaches, and raspberries. 

39. The International Space Station in 2008 has a geocache. Since then, other astronauts have visited it four times. 

40. Canada is consuming more macaroni and cheese than any country in the world.

41. Earthquakes can be predicted by serpents. They can feel an earthquake coming from 75 miles to five days before it happens. 

42. As silent film actress Norma Talmadge walked upon wet cement, the hand and footprints before the Los Angeles Chinese theater tradition accidentally resumed. 

43. The yawn of an animal depends on the size of its brain. When the brain gets larger, the longer it becomes. 

44. The ownership of one guinea pig in Switzerland is illegal. This is because pigs are social animals and tend to be the victims of violence alone.

45. For nothing, they don't call it a 'happy cry.' Studies show that the development of endorphins, natural palsy of our body, and fine hormones like oxytocin are stimulated by weeping. In short, more weeping would inevitably lead to more laughing. 

46. As the ISS has modules and operations in Russian, any astronaut who goes to the ISS must be able to speak Russian. Some astronauts have stated that the greatest challenge of their training is learning this new language. According to the United States The Foreign Services Institute of the State Department, English-speaking astronauts should undergo 1,100 hours of training to achieve an acceptable degree of fluency in Russian.

47. Alfred P. Southwick saw a drunken person die rapidly in 1881 after a live electric generator was hit. Soon, Southwick realized that electricity can be a quick and humane alternative to execution hanging. And so the electric chair was invented and used in 1890 for the first time. Although it wasn't an initial achievement — a second strike must be used — Southwick gradually solved the kinks. Digital cotton sweets and chairs: What are the dentists going to do next?

48. In 1908, Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea dealer, gave some of his customers' samples of tea leaves in silking bags. Many of the beneficiaries believed the bags could be used the same way as the metal infusers. So, instead of emptying its stuff, but the whole bag in the teapot. 

Sullivan designed deliberate teabags for commercial production following such positive feedback from the happy accident. In the 1920s, the string with the tag hanging on the foot, contained his gaze-and subsequently paper bags to remove easily the item. Some things remain the same.

49.  Snails have fourteen thousand teeth and some could even kill you! 

50. 50,000 distinct aromas are remembered on the human nose.

What did you think most amazing? Do you know any fascinating information, not from others? In the comment section below, please inform us.


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