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How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Natural Effective Way To Enlarge Your Penis: Stretching Method

The size of the penis is normal for many people of all ages. And while the penis size may be important to others, it doesn't really matter for most people. 

The average length of the erect penis for the adult is from 5 to 7 inches. Some of them are smaller; some of them are larger. Some grow a lot if they get difficult, others stay about equal to flaccid (soft) or hard.

All shapes and sizes come with a penis. We are all different and that is natural. We're all different. People have all sorts of different preferences regarding who/what to whom they are attracted, including penis preferences. Some like little penises. Some like smallers. Many of them prefer bigger penises. Most people like its partners for qualities that are unrelated to penis size. Then try to get used to the way you have been made, and learn how to love and respect your body.

What Is Penis Stretching?

Penis stretching means using your hands or an instrument that increases your penis length or curvature. 

Although there are some indications that stretching will increase your size, the findings are generally limited. They can even be temporary in some situations.

Learn all on how penis stretching works, how reasonable guidelines can be made, and how healthy stretching strategies can be tried at home.

Penis Stretching Techniques

Hand Exercises 

Hand exercises involve massaging the tissues around the length of your penis by using your palm. This aims to stretch the skin into the tissue and make micro-tears. The tissues will be consumed as they heal, which lengthens the penis. 

Certain exercises also claim to increase the circumference. Umbrella procedures, such as jelqing, often center on the rubbing of tissue. 

Consistency is essential to maintain any of these alleged effects.

Device Stretching

While researchers have studied penile extension devices, how well they could work is still unclear. 

For instance, take the penis pump. An air-filled vacuum pump you add to your bottom region is a cylindrical pump. They create an immediate erection, it is understood. Certain anecdotes also claim that your penis length can be increased by consistent use. 

Also popular are penile traction equipment. The device pulls the penis in order to change its curvature. Peyronie 's disease was treated with traction devices, but further research is necessary to determine how efficient they really are.

How To Stretch

When attempting stretching exercises, there is no harm. They will make you more relaxed and feel more confident with your penis size and appearance. With your penis size and appearance, they will make you feel more relaxed.

Hand Stretching

  • Only do this during your flaccidity. 
  • Stop exercising if pain or discomfort is caused. 
  • While you're doing them, sit or stand up against a wall or table. 
  • Such exercises only take place once or twice a day to avoid injury. 
  • Talk about these exercises or do them more frequently with your doctor.
How to stretch your penis with your hand:
  1. Grab your penis head.
  2. Pull your penis upward for about 10 seconds to stretch it out. 
  3. For another 10 seconds, move your penis to the left, then the right side. 
  4. Repetition for roughly 5 minutes once or twice a day. 

Or try:
  1. Grab your penis head.
  2. Pull up your penis.
  3. Click simultaneously on the region around the base of the penis. 
  4. Keep the position approximately 10 seconds. 
  5. Pull your penis on the left and press on to the bottom of your penis on the right. 
  6. Move to your left hand, pushing the base of your penis with your pulled penis on the right. 
  7. Repeat it for up to 2 minutes once a day.

Another hand stretching method is jelqing.


To "jelq": 
  1. In an O-shaped index, add your finger and thumb. 
  2. At the base of your penis, put the O-shaped motion. 
  3. Make the O less before the penis shaft is slightly pressurized. 
  4. Take your finger and thumb to your penis head slowly, until you hit the tip. If this is too uncomfortable, that the strain. 
  5. Repeat for 20 to 30 minutes once daily.

Device Stretching

We will be considering two devices: the penis pump and traction device

A penis pump to be used: 
  1. In the air-filled chamber, place your penis. 
  2. To suck the air out of the chamber, using the pump mechanism. This pulls blood into your penis and makes it upright. 
  3. Attach to your penis the provided ring or clamp to hold it up to 30 minutes. At this time it is safe to have sex or to masturbate. 
  4. Take the ring off.
To use a traction unit: 
  1. Place your penis on the device's base end. 
  2. Please secure your penis head at the opposite end of the two notches. 
  3. Clamp the silicone tube around the penis shaft. 
  4. Grip the silicone tube ends on the bottom of the instrument and force the penis slowly out. Stop pulling when it starts to feel uncomfortable or unpleasant. 
  5. Leave the penis 4 to 6 hours a day in the extended position.

Risk and complication potential 

It can lead to large tears or damage to the ligaments connecting your penis and body to being too harsh with your penis. Such injuries can hinder your ability to obtain or maintain an erection. 

Follow directions from your doctor for how long to wear a traction device. It can cause injuries that affect the penis function if it is used longer. 

Do not allow the blood to stay more than 30 minutes in your penis after using a pump. An erection for more than a couple of hours will damage your penis permanently.

Hand exercises or equipment may result in extension: 
  • itching
  • Some scratching or dyeing. 
  • The penile shaft red spots 
  • Twilight 
  • Venous degradation 
See your doctor for more than a few days or severe symptoms. The physician will evaluate and inform you on further measures.

When To Look Out For Results?

Your results depend on your approach and the way you are used. 
Traction tools, for example, will be used every day, many months at a time.

A study suggests that the use of a penile pump can result in much quicker results. 

It is also not clear how far the outcomes of hand extension exercises would be until you see them.


Both the above-listed techniques have their advantages and disadvantages and help increase the size of your erection if you are willing to take the chance. But it's odds, you 're probably all right. The penis is an absolutely adequate 99 percent of men. 

The most important thing is to concentrate on your confidence, then think about penis size. Most women are completely satisfied with an average penis or even less, and you are your worst critic most of the time! 

Make sure to follow the doctor's prescription instructions or guidance. Stretching can cause injury or erectile dysfunction if done incorrectly.

Confide in your abilities and you will be all right!


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