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28+ Survival Hack That May Save Your Life

28+ Smart Survival Hacks That Can Help You In Dangerous Situations

Survival hacks are methods that breach the regulations. 

Not only will the best performers follow the rules blindly. 

If required, we hack. 

Of course, there are the official book survival solutions, but if you rely too much on any tool you have a major disadvantage. 

True survival is a creative endeavor requiring rapid thinking and an open mind. 

Often, as you go along you have to improvise, adapt, and do so. 

You must make split-second decisions, work with what you have. 

In the MacGyver series, you need to think like McGyver by hacking your way towards safety.

Thekingprudence has put together a host of tips to help you get safe and protected from risky circumstances. Us all need to learn how to take decisive measures to escape the worst situation.

  • If you dive out in the open water and find that all the fish unexpectedly have died or begun springing from the surface, that is a bad sign. The same is true of small animals and predatory animals in the wood. The sudden silence is never a good treatment. 
  • It is not safe to place the lights in the house at night because it acts as a burglar lamp. Some thieves assume that when holidaymakers leave the lights on, pretending to be home, it seems like a convenient opportunity for them.
  • Try to make a tiny hole quickly with your index finger and thumb if you're near-sighted to your eyes and lose your glasses and you need anything urgently. The image in which you see is always clearer. You use the fingers as binoculars.
  • Do not just look down at your watch if a person asks you for the time in the street. Lift your arm slightly more to see your watch and keep an eye on it. You don't get your full attention, because they are going to get lost. 
  • Do not cross, maybe the driver can not see you because of daylight if you are about to cross the street and see the mirror of the sun on a coming car's windshield. 
  • On the odd occasion, you are attacked by a moose, these animals are gigantic! — Seek to get a chance behind a tree. Moose have a blind spot, they're going to confuse you so you can get away easier.
  • When the kayak is upside down, you must unwind and go back to the water to exit the kayak rather than turn it over, which might not be the case. 
  • Not together using bleach and ammonia-based cleaning materials. Through combining these 2 things, chloramines emit poisonous vapors, which can kill you when you are inhaled. 
  • Physicians advise taking aspirin in the case of a heart attack. Instead of swallowing it whole you should chew the pill and drink it with a glass of water. This is consumed more easily in this way.
  • Remove clothes like a hat or gloves and run away if you are chased by a polar bear. They have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), so stopping to sniff them (clothing) would most likely happen, allowing you more time to return to protection. 
  • Remember to always leave with someone while traveling. When you meet dangerous men, tell them that someone is waiting for you at a certain moment. You're not a "simple" victim in this way. 
  • When you need to push through a locked door in an emergency, kick hard near your handle, close to your lock, and stop using your shoulders or back. It is easier to crack the bolt.
  • Once you know you are being trailed, embrace the first person you see as you whisper about what is happening to them. They are very probably going to claim to know you and to go comfortably with you. 
  • When you are choking and nobody is in to help, use a hard surface like a chair or a table to carry out the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself. Move one fist over a flat surface with the other hand into the stomach. 
  • You have to put one foot down and get out rather than jumping out of a moving vehicle safely with a minimal number of injuries. This will significantly lower your speed.
  • Should not hesitate until EMTs take them if you have to carry out CPR on others. CPR does not wake patients, but it should avoid damage to the brain by causing blood to enter the brain. So seek to find someone with whom to swap, as you are likely to be easily tired. 
  • Do not even attempt to put out a grease fire with water, flames are just getting worse. This must be smothered. 
  • When you find yourself in a burning building and there is plenty of smoke, crawl to find the exit with your feet. And you're not likely to slip down a floor and get critically injured.
  • If you get into cold, clear water first try to float, calm down and stop swimming. You can then continue swimming in safety with your breathing and body under control. 
  • Should not take the knife from the wound if anyone is stabbed. It serves as a barrier to the injury and decreases blood loss. The knife or other weapon. Use a piece of cloth to push around and call an ambulance. 
  • It may sound awful to say to someone to stand your ground against a pack of wolves, but it will ultimately cause them to back away. Their instinct is to pursue their prey, to chase you.
  • It's a fallacy you can't say that in less than 24 hours anyone is missing. Ultimately, reporting offers you a greater chance to make them as safe as possible. 
  • To survive a black bear, What you need to note is that they climb trees really quickly, but have trouble running down a hill because of their weight, they get too much energy. So, go to a hill rather than heading up a mountain.
  • A quick idea for drivers, if you know that a stranger's car follows you, navigate to the left, but take the last minute to the left. Then Turn right.
  • When you are in a bus and robbers go inside, pretend that you are sleeping. In this way, they probably won't mess with you, because they have to pay full attention to their environment. 
  • When you call 911 – always first specify your location, then the issue. If you get turned off before it's possible to determine what the issue is, the police at least have a direction in which to send a policeman. 
  • When exposed to heat, electrical fires usually smell like fish and urine. And you're probably in danger if you smell such a thing in your house or apartment.
  • Many poisonous mushrooms will hurt you even if you touch them. Many mushrooms will cause a rash or burnt mucus. When you go to the wild with your kids, make sure you share that sort of information with your children. 
  • Make sure you can find your way in an unfamiliar area before you go on a hiking trip. Don't count on the aid of gadgets: the connection could break. For order to be on the safe side, at least a compass must be used.
  • All should have a minimum set of tools for minor repairs. You should know how to drive a nail into the wall or hang a picture, however funny it can sound. You don't always have to call experts, do you?
  • On the way to save a drowning person, there is only one obstacle: that it is not possible to swim. However, if you are, you will not be able to save the life of that person. Recall approaching them from behind to avoid seeing you coming, so they may impede or scare you. Bring them under the armpits or the chin as you come near the person and move to the ground, holding their head at your belly.
  • There is nothing wrong with the desire to maintain a budget and save money. You must know what laws will not make you a burden, irrespective of your salary. And here's a perfect idea to save. 
  • You don't have to be a fisherman, but these things have to be learned. The best way to find food in the wild is to fish if there is any water in the area. So it is important that a boat is regulated around and that good fishing places can be found.

There are many ways to defend yourself if you have been unlucky enough to meet an angry dog:
  • If the dog is not tall, you should try to get a stone from the ground by demanding it. Let it first take a look: walk to the dog slowly, and do the trick if you're at its middle. A shy little dog is going to run away. 
  • You will be ready for an attack if it doesn't work. You may attempt to kick the dog in the face, but the blow is a rare occurrence. The only way to encourage the dog to bite you is to take your coat or jacket off and tie your shield slowly and without turning your back on the animal. Let the dog clamp his jaws around your arm and then force the fabric into his mouth and run.


No way to live is false. Every person will have his own style of survival, tricks, and hacking. I urge everyone to create their own ... 

Nor can a website, book of survival, or instructor catch any hack of survival. 

Such hacks are sure to be useful, but we hope you will never use them. Have you ever felt unsafe in the heat of the moment and behaved wisely? Tell the comments about your stories.


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