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9 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

9 Proven Simple Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

Had a bad day recently? Well this is me raising my hand alongside you. My recent "bad day" wasn't wholly bad. I allowed it to spread across my entire day and sour the entire mix.

Let's face it. Life can be full of frustrations-a missed train, an argument with your teenager, or even just a spilled coffee can make you wish you could crawl back into bed.

That doesn't need to happen! While I've yet to reach the point where I avoid bad days entirely, here are some things I've found could help turn a bad day into something better.

1. Breathe

Deep breathing has a natural therapeutic, stress-reducing quality that can help you put an end to stress hormones that a bad day can bring about.

Close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose for a two-second count, pause for two seconds, and the exhale for another two seconds. It help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, thus soft-pedaling your stress response

2. Make A List Of Things You Are Grateful For

Being grateful is one of the simplest way to focus on the positive, whether it's your job, your kids, or clothes. Gratitude is a powerful remedy to the urgent feeling of stress and lack of control. So as soon as you feel negative, short circuit your mood by asking yourself, What are the three good thing going on right now?

Consider writing them down or saying them out loud. This will help you get some perspective on he bad day. Sure, you may have had a mishap or disappointment, but there are other more important things in your life that are going well.

3.Go To Gym

If you go to the gym or the weight room and you're in a bad mood, put that energy in your workout.

People usually feel good or, at the very least, return to their normal mood after sweating it out. Exercising can put you in a better mod and help you regulate emotions, backed up by science

4. Hug

Hugging someone can make you safer and more cheerful again.

An embrace that last 30 seconds or a minute or more can recharge your batteries and release an unexpectedly large amount of stress and tensions

5. Drop Something From Your Schedule

A quick solution for a day gone awry is to drop something of lesser importance from your schedule and take some time for yourself. This is quite easy to do but the part of your brain that tries to convince you that your work won't survive without you will get in the way. Don't adhere to it.

6. Dance

Dancing can serve as a boost for your mood and help you shake away the bad day you're having. Dancing help you release pent-up feelings you might be having. You might not feel it's incredibly appropriate to bust a move right there at your desk, but the moment you get home, turn on your jam and get down.

7. Find Something That Makes You Laugh

Having a good laugh can turn around your bad day into something better.You know what amuses you-that funny friend, a hilarious cat video, or a compilation of funny jokes or videos-so find a way to get your giggles on. If all else fails, think about how this will seem funny someday. On days when everything seems to go wrong, consider that sometime in the near future, it might make a great story.

8. Sign Out Of Social Media

Social media is an essential element for today's generation. But unrestrained use of social media can cause unnecessary distress, anxiety, and negativity. So, it's wise to take a temporary break from social media on a regular basis. It will calm your racing thoughts.

9. Pet An Animal

If you don't have anyone close by to hug during a bad day then pet an animal. It has the same effect of calming down and relieving stress.

And it makes your animal companion happy and that in turn will boost your mood too.

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Thanks for reading. Tell us in the comment, how you handle a bad day?


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