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How To Travel On A Budget

How To Travel On A Budget: Incredible Guide To Cheap Traveling Even When You Are Broke

Traveling and exploring exotic places around the world doesn't have to cost a fortune and you certainly don't need to win a lottery to travel to places around the globe - not if you know how to budget your expenses. 

To budget, travel expenses is a disheartening thing for many people and unluckily can discourage some traveler from exploring this unique planet. 

Fortunately, We have gathered a bunch of great tips to help you travel on a budget even when you are broke AF. Here are the travel hacks and tips to travel on a budget:

1. Write Down Your Plan

Traveling in the spur of the moment is great if you have enough money and time to spare. But coming up with a plan is the first thing to do if you are traveling on a budget. You don't have need a stiff, hour-by-hour passage, but you should know how long you'll be spending in each country or city, and know the path that your ambitious adventure will take. Last-minute flights and accommodation are mostly costly which means leaving less to chance means less unforeseen waste.

2. Pick A Destination That Fits Your Budget

This may seem plain, but never get carried away by the price of flights. You can say thrilled, "Is that New York is $200". But do not but yet: Have you checked at the standard living in Paris? We must always think about how we want to spend in total on the trip. Sometimes it's better to opt for a destination that allows us to be entertained by all the comfort than a place with low flight price with zero fun.

3. Settle On A Travel Date

The time or festive season of the year and destination you travel many play a big role in the cost of your flight fare. It's going to cost you if you're trying to travel around during the summer in the States, or over the Christmas period.

If you want to be flexible on your traveling dates, then travel out of season. Traveling at half the price and with half of the multitude will still get you to see the same beautiful sights of other countries or states. 

Being flexible with your travel date can save you a whole of money unless you want to travel within the next 30-days. Airlines offer last-minute promotions for flights that still have open seats.

Make sure to use the incognito window when booking your flights online. Website use cookies to track your previous searches and through this, they will be able to see the deal they already offered you. 

Also, airfares vary from day-to-day. Booking on a Monday may not be good as buying on a Tuesday and the same can be said for flying. 

You can also use Skyscanner to check for airfare prices. This program help compares airfares in the days leading up to your departure. You get to see if there are any good deals available and what airlines are charging.

4. Book Flights, Hotels, And Car Rental Together.

Have you ever wondered why travel agents offer cheaper vacation packages than trying to source everything yourself? Agent benefits from group discounts from partners in accommodation, hotel industry, airlines e.t.c.

As a result of this, they receive a discount for traveling tourists to destinations. So if you are willing to go somewhere on the globe, then agents can help get there easy and make your stay comfortable. They can help you go a long way in reducing your expenses for a vacation.

5. Travel Light

Pack only the essentials. A carry-on bag pack helps reduce luggage fees, and you can easily hop on low-cost carriers for sticker price. With this, you can easily transport with a crowded bus without worrying about where you end up when all your belongings fit on your person.

6. Work While You Travel

Earning while on vacation is a brilliant way to afford to spend several months of the years (or more) living the travel dream: Casino worker, Seasonal worker at ski resorts, Dive instructor, Farmworker, Bartender, or a waiter/waitress; you could even freelance while traveling. The opportunity is literally endless.

Best Countries for Travelling on Budget

  • India:
  • Central America: This is another low budget vacation destination. While Costa Rica has gone up significantly over the years, destinations like Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala are still budget travel-friendly
  • Thailand: This is a top choice for anyone that's never been to South-East Asia. Thailand is a plunge into so many other destinations, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Bali, and India.
  • Mexico: is one of the cheapest travel destinations out there. Sure vacations to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun can make you spend a pretty much but traveling independently on a budget can be cheap. Guesthouse and hostels are cheap and bus travel is affordable and cheap in Mexico.
  • Portugal: Europe is certainly not the cheapest continent you can visit. If you decide to visit the PIIGS, you will find amusing things and much more affordable. The PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) are budget-friendly destinations if you know where to visit.

Tips to Travel for Cheap

Traveling may involve more expenses than airfare, accommodation, or even transport. There's are so many things that make you spend a lot while you're away. Therefore, we have put together a few tips to keep your budget on your next trip.

Eat At Local Restaurants

If you want the best experience, eat where the locals eat. If a place is occupied by local, be rest assured that the food is delicious, fresh, and affordable.

Visit Free Tourist Attractions

Someplace such as Berlin and London are full of free museums, including numerous collections of history and art that are free for public view. Some other cities charge small entry fees to their tourist attractions, but even these places do offer discounts and even free days.

Choose Local Beer/Wine

It's usually a lot cheaper to buy local brands of beer or wine than the more well-known international brands.

Always Use Public Transport Or Walk

Always try to avoid taxis, try and use public transport or walk more often. Often the bus service is a fraction of the price of a taxi and it's a great way to get a better view and associate with a new city straight away.

Budget Accommodation for Travelers

  • Camping: Camping is a great way to enjoy the local environment. Camping cost less than a hotel or self-catering accommodation. Also, most campgrounds do have facilities such as toilets and showers, e.t.c.
  • Hire a campervan: You can hire a campervan to drive around and take your time exploring the country. Lots of people hire campervans in Europe. For instance, you can pull over on the side of the road and camp for free in Scotland.
  • Independent Hotels vs Chains:
  • Hostels:
  • Apartment Rentals or Airbnb: 


If you're willing to travel, don't be discouraged by entry-level salary or a high student loan. With the right and perfect strategy, attitude, and information, anyone can see any part of this beautiful planet on even the tiniest budgets.


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