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Why Do I Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night

Why Do I Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night or Day?

Do you always find yourself waking up at the same time in the middle of the night or much earlier than you wanted to? The most common issue insomnia, though there are several types of insomnia that can affect your sleep.

Here are some reasons this could be happening, and ways to solve or stop it:

Unable to sleep between 9pm-11pm:

You may be too stressed to fall asleep. The triple energizer controls intake,transformation,and elimination. It regulates your immune system and it can be disturbed by anesthesia. You may feel like everything is a threat to your physical/emotional being, you may be unable to fall asleep or wake up early, confused and frightened.

Solution: Practice sleep meditation, allow yourself feel relaxed, knowing that you are safe no matter what.

Between 11pm-1am:

This time frame is associate to your gall bladder. Your gall bladder produces bile, which aids in digestion and absorption.

If you wake up during this time, it means something is irritating your gall bladder.
Gall bladder is associated with anxiety and resentment, so this could mean that something is making you anxious or nagging at you.

Solution: Reach out with kindness and forgiveness towards people around you and your self.

Between 1am-3am:

Waking up during this time frame may mean you are experiencing anger.
"This energy is connected to the liver and associated with anger and an excess of yang energy". 

Solution: Try anger management techniques, drink cold water and try to settle what made you angry during the day.

Between 3am-5am:

This time frame is associated with the lungs.
During this time, blood and oxygen is pumped into the muscles, replenishing cells with vital oxygen. 

So if you wake up during this time, you may be experiencing deep grief and sadness that has not been processed. 

Solution: Let the grief and sadness go with each exhalation, also have faith all is working out well.

Between 5am-7am:

The large intestine is the final stop for all unwanted waste food products and it clears out waste from the body.

If you wake up by this time, it means something is wrong with large intestine. Constipation and other digestion issues may be a problem for you. 

Solution: Reassess what you're hanging onto and what you should let go.

Hope you got "Eh-he"

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