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Things You Should Avoid To Become Rich

Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Rich

Who doesn't want to be wealthy? If you ask people about their goal, many of them would say that it is being rich or wealthy. The reasons why people want to be rich vary from each other.

Whatever your ulterior motive is to be rich, there are tried and tested money mistakes, that you must avoid. Here is a list of FIVE money mistakes that all of us should avoid.

1. Instant Fulfillment

Instant fulfillment means that you can't wait very long for a profit, If you invest today, you expect profit today.

Life doesn't work that way, the closest thing that does is a job, but a standard job won't build your wealth for you.

When you invest into something make sure it's being focused on an asset that can provide you a livelihood for years, even without you touching it.

Get used to waiting for a payout, and eventually you'll receive big ones. 

2. The Excuses Ego

You can either make money or make excuses. But you can not do both. An excuse is nothing more than a well planned lie. The excuses ego is always about I can't, I can't, or I don't know how.

You could have a million excuses why you can't do something. You only need a good reason why you must do it. 

3. Communication With Toxic People

More than half of people who live paycheck to paycheck know someone who loves gossiping or complaining about their lives. Successful people communicate/associate with positive people who inspire them to do something. You can increase the number of such people around you by doing volunteer work, or being a member o a nonprofit organization. Also spend time on yourself until you meet people worth your time.

4. You Have A Complex

Some people have a believe that they can't be rich or being rich is bad, your self-fulfilling prophecy will probably come true. You have to believe that you want to be rich, and that you can be, in order to succeed. Some people feel that because their parents were poor or they have no college education, they can never be rich. However most of the wealthy people dropped out of college, including Bill Gates and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Negative thinking will stop the smartest people from becoming rich (unless they win they win a lottery). If you have emotionally stuck thinking that you are not smart enough, not good enough, then you will probably never be rich.

5. Spending More Than You Earn

If this money mistake was simple enough to avoid, nobody would be in financial crisis. This is a bad habit and can lead to total financial distress. To worsen the matter, we now have credit cards and other facilities that make us spend more than our financial means. To curb your way of spending than you earn, maintain a budget and then track it closely.


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