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2020 Highest Paid Youtube Stars

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtube stars

Who is the richest youtuber 2020? Forbes has calculated this year's top earners on YouTube and some new faces have been added to the annual list. Among the top earners are gamers, stuntmen and makeup artists. Two of the highest-paid stars are under the age of 10 – and they specialize in playing with toys, of all things.

Daniel Middleton (DanTDM):

Earnings: $16.5 million
Who said that gaming is a waste of time? Currently, the richest man on YouTube has made his fortune on Minecraft videos, although Daniel Middleton, the owner of the most profitable channel on YouTube has also had quite a bit of success outside of the platform.

Daniel is from the United Kingdom and this British guy who was born in 1991 has published several comic book and starred in a number of TV shows (such as Skylanders Academy) and a YouTube Red Series, but the majority of his income still comes from the views he gets on his Minecraft videos, including gaming sponsorships and merchandise. He even has a second channel called MoreTDM though which was not active in the recent year.

VanossGaming (Evan Fong):

Earnings: $11.5 million
Evan Fong is no stranger to this list. Last year, he was the seventh highest-paid YouTuber, raking in a cool $17 million for his gaming videos. Under the name VanossGaming, Fong adds commentary to video games for the entertainment of his 24.8 million subscribers. He's amassed a whopping 11,913,591,918 views since creating his YouTube channel in 2011.

Collins Key:

Earnings: £93.1k
Collins Key has nearly 21 million subscribers, and a quick look at his content shows that he sits comfortably in the obnoxiously loud American YouTuber category. His top videos feature melting fidget spinners, edible school supplies and fun candies, so no guesses which target audience he aims for.

His channel description is pretty much a child demographic SEO goldmine – “Collins Key posts funny comedy videos where you’ll learn how to make DIY gummy food out of candy, pancake art challenge, pranks, life hacks and more!”

Anastasia Radzinskaya:

Earnings: $18 million
Anastasia Radzinskaya (aka Like Nastya) has amassed over 15 million subscribers and more than 5 billion video views after her parents started making funny, sweet videos of them all in 2016. People must be loving them after Anastasia’s online presence helped her and her family earn $18 million in 2019. Closely following the Dude Perfect team, she also earns the median US salary in 1 day and 7 hours.
At just 6 years old, Anastasia is already earning considerably more than 99% of adults each and every year. Compared to the physician, she would have to work just 3 days and 21 hours to earn the same amount. It would take her just 1 day and 4 hours to out-earn the standard US teacher.

Ryan’s World:

Earnings: $26 million
It’s almost unbelievable that an 8-year-old is the highest-paid YouTuber in the world. He started by making videos purely of himself opening toys and playing with them. While this sounds rather hard to watch, he managed to gain millions of views on each of his videos. Ryan’s video “Huge Eggs Surprise” got 1.9 billion views. His videos have a huge impact on the toy industry and advertisers for toy companies are willing to splurge on this young YouTuber. Ryan now creates animation videos for kids that should keep his subscribers and income rolling in for a few more years.

Dude Perfect:

Earnings: $14 million
The Dude Perfect group has 5 members, and the Cotton twins Cory and Coby are the core of this team, but their three high school friends have been a part of the project from the beginning. Besides running one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube the Dude Perfect crew also has their own mobile app just named as Dude Perfect which is available on iOS and Android. And they have built partnership with Nickelodeon and have a TV show called The Dude Perfect Show.

Most of their YouTube videos are centered around sports activities and they all contain elements of comedy that have significantly contributed to the popularity of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, and most of their videos are sponsored. The fact that their videos often feature professional athletes and celebrities such as Tyreke Evans, Johnny Manziel or Tim McGraw also contributed to the swift success of the crew.

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg):

Earning: $13 million
PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, is a controversial content creator from Sweden. He recently announced that he is taking a break from YouTube, citing fatigue. He made the announcement three days after YouTube posted new content moderation guidelines curbing hateful speech in videos.

Disney and YouTube dropped Kjellberg after he posted a video of him laughing while two men held up a sign that said, "death to all Jews." Later that year, he came under fire and apologized for using the n-word during a live-stream.

In 2018, he apologized for making fun of Demi Lovato's hospitalization, posting a meme that showed the singer asking her mother for money to buy a burger, then turning around to buy heroin instead. He deleted the meme two days after Lovato was hospitalized for an apparent overdose. That year, he made the Forbes list, making $15.5 million.


Earnings: $18 million
Nastya is the second-highest-paid child YouTuber in the world. But unlike Ryan’s World, Nastya’s YouTube is about her own life instead of toy reviews. Videos include day trips to the beach, birthday parties, Halloween costumes, and all sorts of things along those lines. Nastya wouldn’t be so well-known if it wasn’t for her father, a well humored Russian American father. The two make the perfect YouTube vlog duo.

Liza Koshy:

Earnings: £102.4k
Liza Koshy has nearly 18 million subscribers and was one of the many YouTubers that moved over from Vine.

Famed for being the ex-girlfriend of David Dobrick and being quite divisive over whether she was actually funny or not, Koshy’s humour revolves around doing silly voices and generally being very energetic and childish. Probably one of the few people on the platform that is on par with Lele Pons for humour – silly faces and voices are silly and funny haha!

Logan Paul:

Earnings: $12.5 million
Vlogger who caught the public eye with the recent Japanese suicide incident hasn't lost much of his YouTube subscribers despite his controversial behavior. As a matter of fact, his popularity seems to be on the rise at the moment since his videos got over 3 billion views in the three years since he started his YouTube channel. However, this may only be a fluke and his popularity may plummet if he continues to produce shocking but mediocre videos.

His daredevil style has launched this 22-year old to YouTube stardom, but as the time passes it will be hard for Logan to maintain this level of success.


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