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10 Things You Didn't Know About Donald Trump

10 Things You Didn't know About Donald Trump

Whether you love him or despise him, you just can’t ignore Donald Trump. “The Donald” has been a controversial public figure long before his recent bid for the presidency. The real estate mogul isn’t after the presidential perks or salary, in fact it’s costing him dough to chase the oval office, so why is he doing it? Some say he’s running for a higher purpose, to restore our country to glory. Others claim he is a megalomaniac with nothing currently better to do than rile up America.

To fully understand Trump, it’s important to dig deeper than the sound bites and information offered by talking heads on TV. One minute he sounds almost presidential, other times he seems a misogynist bully. Not too many voters really know what he’s about so it’s important to analyze the man behind the public image with some lesser known facts about Donald J. Trump.

Things you didn't know about Donald Trump:

1. He went to military school

At the age of 13, Trump was sent to the New York Military Academy (NYMA) due to behavioural problems in his previous school. His parents believed that a little discipline would fix the conduct of this “pretty rough” defiant young fellow. Once there, however, he earned the title of “a loudmouth bully,” as some of its residents recalled.

2. His Astrological Moon Sign is Sagittarius

Trump was born June 14, 1946 and because his sun sign lies in Gemini it’s not surprising that the public sees “Two Donalds” as Gemini is the sign of the twins. Sun signs reveal the outer self, however, a person’s moon sign in their natal chart shows their emotional personality. Having his moon in Sag means he couldn’t keep quiet or filter he comments even if he tried, as people with Sagittarian moon signs are driven from within to be blunt, straightforward and talk–a lot.

3. Mexico should pay for the "great, great wall"

Mr Trump has said he wants to start building the much-touted wall on the shared border from the first day of his presidency, and that Mexico will pay for it. In some of his earliest campaign comments, he suggested that Mexicans coming to the US were criminals and "rapists". BBC analysis estimates the border wall could cost between $2.2bn and $13bn.

4. He starred in Home Alone 2 

Lost in New York Remember the scene where Kevin walks into the Plaza Hotel for the first time and asks for directions? It is Trump who plays the two-second role of the Good Samaritan that directs him to the reception. Those pleasant manners have made him unrecognizable for years.

5. Donald Was Blond as a Child

Reporters have described Trump’s hair as “Cigar Stained Teeth Amber” to “Burnt Cheetos Orange,” however, as a child his hair was an enviable delicate shade of pale buttery blond, according to a photo on Perhaps this is why he continues to bleach his locks, that turned darker as he aged, in hope of duplicating his baby photo look. Trump’s ever changing hair color evolution over the years have been a source of interest as well as cannon fodder for comedians and commentators.

6. He launched his own board game 

Trump launched a board game in 1989 called Trump: The Game which was all about – you can guess – making money in real estate. Players could flash the all-powerful Trump card (“You’re fired!”) at each other to end all negotiations. The PR for the launch read – “Parker Brothers and Donald Trump are challenging consumers to determine whether they have the brains and the brawn to be the next Donald Trump.” Consumers apparently weren’t interested in the challenge and the game was discontinued more than once.

7. Arab-Americans cheered the attacks on 9/11

Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that on 11 September 2001, there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating in New Jersey after two planes flew into the Twin Towers. He says such public demonstrations "tell you something" about Muslims living in the US. However, there are no media reports to back up the claim.

8. The Black Lives Matter movement is "trouble"

Mr Trump mocked former Democratic candidates like Martin O'Malley for apologising to members of the protest movement against police brutality and cast himself as a pro-law enforcement candidate. "I think they're looking for trouble," he once said of the activist group. He also tweeted a controversial and widely debunked graphic purporting to show that African Americans kill white and black people at far higher rates than white people or police officers.

9. He liked using Pseudonyms

His most popular Pseudonyms are John Barron and Jon Miller. On several occasions, he has addressed the media under the guise of these “spokespersons”. Barron was sometimes a “Trump Organization Vice President” and sometimes a caller on the phone threatening to file a lawsuit. It was in a 1990 legal case that he, under oath, confessed – “I believe on occasion I used that name.”

10. Trump has a Wine Brand

Some Trump supporters are accused of “drinking the Kool-aid”; however, you can drink the Trump wine as well. Trump bought a gorgeous 1000 acre vineyard at auction as a real estate investment and gave it to his son. In 2012 Donald bought a winery that now bears his name and elected son Eric as president of the operation. The logo on the bottles is a majestic bold “T”, that captures the spirit of the Trump brand. Although the wine is said to be quite good, some merchants refuse to carry the brand as a form of political protest. Donald Trump admits he has zero interest in wine making, or even wine tasting, however, he loves to see his name on virtually everything he touches.


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