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10 Best Food You Should Eat Before You Die

10 Food You Have To Eat Before You Die

There are a lot of things people hope to accomplish in their lives. Having successful careers, raising a loving family, making a ton of money -- these are among the most common goals. While those are all good and fine, what about the finer things in life? Like making sure you've tasted freshly-made whipped cream (it will make you a better person) or eating a big bowl of the classic Korean dish bibimbap before you're buried six feet under?

If you feel like we left an important have-to-try food off the list, let us know in the comments below!

1. Poutine

Poutine is one of the best dishes that Canada got right. If you think chili cheese fries are amazing (which they absolutely are), then you're going to think these fries topped with cheese curds and gravy are even more so.

2. Lardo

While this is something that would never appear in our healthy section, as a rare treat this Italian dish of cured pig's fat is far more appetising than it sounds. Eat it as you would other charcuterie, with crusty bread and pickles, or alternatively stir it through pasta or use as a pizza topping.

3. Biscuits

Biscuits are a true Southern staple made with lots of butter, flour, a bit of buttermilk, and a whole lot of love. You might have had biscuits at your local Cracker Barrel, and those are fine, but true biscuit connoisseurs will travel for miles to get the perfect cloud of Southern hospitality.

4. Sweetbreads

Sweetbreads are not bread, or sweet; they're glands (usually of a calf or lamb). We know that sounds gross, but just forget what you're eating for a second and taste them -- you'll be fan, we're sure of it.

5. Bryndzove Halusky

A national dish of Slovakia, bryndzove halusky is a hearty potato-dumpling favorite. Just as Americans love baked potatoes piled high with bacon, cheese and sour cream, the Slovakians top their dish with bacon, cream and cheese.

6. Steak Tartare

If you can eat sushi, you can eat beef tartare. I'm not saying to do it on a weekly basis, and I'm not saying to give up your filet mignons for it... all I'm saying is you have to try it at least once.

7. Dulce de leche

Facilitator of many a cheat’s dessert, this South American caramel sauce has a thick, gloopy consistency. Buy it in cans or jars and use as a cake filling or topping, in mousse, chocolates or cheesecakes - or simply in large spoonfuls.

8. Clam Chowder

When we think of clam chowder, we tend to think of New England style recipes, with a white base and lots of fresh clams. There's also Manhattan clam chowder, which adds tomatoes into the hearty mix. However you enjoy it, clam chowder is perfect for seafood lovers, especially if you can enjoy it on the coast with fresh-caught clams.

9. Lobster Roll

Actually, you should eat as many of these as you possibly can in your lifetime.

10. Bunny Chow

If you are eating a bunny in South Africa, it doesn't mean you are eating rabbit. A bunny or bunny chow is a way to grab a quick meal by putting curry into a hollowed-out bread bowl.


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