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Top 10 Travel Essentials You Shouldn't Travel Without


Here are some travel essentials you shouldn't travel without

1. Packing Cube

"Packing cubes help me stay organized. I always organize my cubes by what's in them: workout clothes in one, fancier clothes in another, and so on. It's made traveling between destinations on the same trip a lot easier."

2. A Portable Hotspot

"Most of my work is done on the computer. And since I won't have Wi-Fi access while traveling, I always take a broadband portable hotspot with me so I can connect to the internet whenever I need to."

3. Binder Clips

you can always bring them along to hold wets clothes, temporarily hold ripped hems, close bags, use them to hold papers together, and many others.

4. Small Battery Operated Fan

This comes in handy in some traveling situations whereby the surroundings are stuffy and there is heat. This small fan can easily be used to cool with stress.

5. Headphones

"I don't go anywhere without my headphones on. So it is a necessity to bring along my headphone during a traveling to get rid of unwanted noise. "

6. Vaseline

"During traveling, I always bring along vaseline most especially transportation through air, the case sometimes the air in the plane could be dry so vaseline keeps my body and lips from dryness."

7. A Travel Adapter

A travel adapter is needed mostly if you are traveling internationally, you can use them for extension in changing and others

8. Travel underwear

Travel underwear is essential, it's like normal underwear but the fabric is different, also it dries up fast when washed with hands.

9. A Small Spray Bottle

Normally, People don't travel with clothes they have to iron. But if the situation per-takes you can sprinkle you're clothed with water and hang so as to straighten it up. Therefore, the spray bottle is needed.

10. Solar Charger

This can be used when the light goes off. It helps keep your devices charged even when you are off the grid.


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