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3 Reasons You Struggle In Romantic Relations

3 Reasons You Struggle In Romantic Relations

3 Reasons You Struggle In Romantic Relations

On so many social media platforms, you see yourself shouting "God when" admiring the many love stories and photos. However, your own love life appears to be in a state of chaos. 

You have made attempts to ensure that you have a better life of love, but all seems to be futile. Most people always want intimacy, but they still fail at it. 

Most people are afraid of being alone and afraid of intimacy at the same time. 

Any explanations and ways to claim that you are afraid of intimacy are below. It is likely that you are not aware that you are.

Your acts vary from your intentions

For each of us, the way we establish distance in a relationship is different and is usually heavily influenced by our history of attachment. A person with a pattern of dismissive-avoidant attachment can be aloof to another individual's needs, particularly a romantic partner. 

As a consequence of past marriages, heartbreaks, or even family history, this mentality can always be. An individual who was neglected while growing up may find it difficult for a romantic partner to show affection. 

Getting to know our history of attachment will provide us with great insight into our behaviors and our behavioral comprehension. Yet, as we examine our relationships in real-time, it is important to recognize the moments when our behavior does not match our idea of what we want. You can tell someone that you love them, and the action tells you otherwise. Your partner could pull away when this happens, while you keep wondering what the problems are.

Your emotions still change 

There are some individuals who get tired of interactions and unexpectedly alter their behavior towards their partner. One minute, you're laughing and feeling a sense of excitement on a date with someone the next morning you're second-guessing and talking yourself out of your feelings. This is also because we are often linked to our feelings of loss and the pain of not having felt that love in the past by being connected to someone else.

You still make reasons for your wrongdoing

You often have an excuse or a justification for being unpleasant when your partner points out problems in the relationship. It becomes impossible to apologize if you continuously find excuses, and this will subsequently affect your relationship. It's important to face them, instead of running away from the big problems, they also help you get better. 

The more we understand our fear of intimacy, investigate its origins, and question the behaviors it inspires, the more in ourselves and our relationships we will develop and grow. 

Our desire to give and receive love can be extended. And we can enjoy the lasting closeness and connection we say we want.


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