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How To Survive In Nigeria

6 Ways To Survive In Nigeria

How To survive in Nigeria

It is not for the faint of heart to live in Nigeria. You must be tough and willing to face as many obstacles as possible. If you stay at home, the epileptic power supply, not to mention the oppressive heat, will drive you insane. People and things would frustrate you if you decide to leave your house. Things are worse by the day, and all we can do is whine, catch cruise and hope that things will improve soon. While we continue to struggle and hope for a better day, here are six survival suggestions for Nigerians.

1. Become a jack-of-all-trades

Nigerians are multi-talented. They've learned to take care of themselves in every way. This is a common occurrence, particularly in the entertainment industry. You will not get anywhere if you keep waiting on the government. You can use as many skills as you want. Learn a trade and work for yourself. Just don't sit around hoping for manna from up high. You must work hard.

2. The Na God Dey Feed The Boy Days

There is always a party going on in the neighborhood. So, when you're broke and can't afford to eat, check around your neighborhood to see what's going on. Simply put on a nice outfit and enter as one of the invited guests. You would go unnoticed as an unwelcome visitor.

3. Power Banks

The power supply isn't exactly amazing. All we've heard for over 30 years is that the government is working on it, from NEPA to PHCN to DISCO, but nothing has changed. You will want backup, such as a power bank for your mobile gadgets, in order to survive. You just must find a means to assist yourself, as the power supply does not appear to be improving anytime soon.

4. Tolerate the heat

Because the heat might be oppressive, it's a good idea to invest in rechargeable fans. It will, at the very least, keep the house cool.

5. Reduce the number of overseas purchases you make

You won't need anyone to warn you to limit your online buying from international stores once you check the exchange rate. The currency rate is not on your side, therefore you'd be better off buying locally made things to save money.

6. Keep your faith alive

Stop focusing on the problems and start looking at the possibilities instead. For the willing and devoted, there are numerous opportunities. All you have to do is look and you will find. Above all, we must learn to smile and hope for a brighter tomorrow.


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