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Top 20 Bizarre India Rituals And Festivals That Will Give Goosebumps

Top 20 Bizarre India Rituals And Festivals That will Leave Your Jaw Open
India is like a storybook, full of stories that are weird and wonderful. You may not believe what you are reading, you may not agree with what is written, but for sure, one thing is. You can't just quit reading. And the more you read, the more it becomes interesting.
India is no stranger to unusual practices. Numerous groups, tribes, and religions have become the home of the world. These cultures and their customs and practices have combined over the years to form all manner of strange mixtures. Some have produced new rituals and festivals out of nowhere, and despite the decades, some customs remain unchanged. Because of this, there are a variety of very bizarre traditions in the country now that you would otherwise not find anywhere else. But their oddness represents India's unbelievable diversity and sheds some light on the kind of lives people live here. Here, then, are 20 of India's most strange rit…