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26 Mind-blowing Things You Never Knew Existed

26 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew Existed
Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. Most times, straight-up reality seems like fiction. In shining armor, we're not talking about sorcery and mermaids and warriors, we're talking about the world's weirdest little-known stuff. An island full of adoptable puppies, even a printer that prints brick paths, a 1,500-year-old plant. Yeah, the universe is full of fantastic, fantastic, absolutely unbelievable stuff that you never knew existed. We have rounded up our 50 favorites here, which will make your head spin. And for even more awesome trivia, check out the bizarre laws around the world. 1. Thousands of Black Mini Holes 
When you think of a black hole, you could imagine a gigantic vortex dominating the surrounding space. However, if the current 'braneworld' gravity theory of scientists is right, then in our solar system there are thousands of black holes, each about the size of an atomic nucleus. "These mini-black ho…