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In North Korea, 39 of the craziest things about life

39 Unexpected North Korean facts that you had no idea about
To foreign eyes, the life of an average North Korean citizen may look like science fiction to all intents and purposes. 
This is a nation of the 21st century where resources and liberty are scarce, there is an ever-increasing danger of invasion from neighboring nations, and people are brainwashed from birth to follow the dear leader. 
North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as its people know it, appears like a dystopia from the outside. 
However, on closer inspection, the nation just gets weirder. Here are 20 of the craziest things in North Korea that are just a part of everyday life. 1. Drugs are widespread and largely unregulated
Drug use in North Korea, with an estimated 30 percent of North Koreans using drugs, is largely unregulated and very common, UPI reports. Locally known as yeoksam, according to Radio Free Asia, marijuana is cultivated in such amounts that smugglers sneak it for foreign sale across t…