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Stretch Marks: Causes, Prevention And Natural Remedies

Causes And Natural Remedies For Stretch Marks Backed By Science
Long, thin streaks, bands, or lines that form on the skin are stretch marks. They happen when the skin is abruptly stretched and they are highly prevalent. 
Stretch marks can be produced by anyone, but they appear to affect more women than men. 
They may take place in a number of parts of the body, including the chest, legs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. 
This type of scarring occurs when, after a period of extreme development, the skin does not regain its normal form, mostly due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, or puberty. During pregnancy, over 50 percent of females develop stretch marks. What Is Stretch Marks?When our skin expands or shrinks rapidly, a stretch mark is a form of scar that forms. Collagen and elastin, which sustain our skin, rupture due to the sudden change. Stretch marks can appear as the skin heals.  These narrow bands on their skin are not formed by all. Fluctuating levels of hormones ap…

How Nigerian 36 States Got Their Names

Get To Know How All The 36 Nigerian States Got Their Names
Behind every state and its name, there is a rich history. Look at all the states and how they have been called.
See how all the 36 Nigerian states got their names, from names of rivers to famous heroes.  1. Abia Abia is an acronym for Aba Bende Isuikwuato Afikpo, the four major classes of citizens in the state at the time it was founded in 1991.  2. AdamawaAdamawa was named after a warrior who conquered the area in the early 19th century, Modibbo Adama Bin Ardo Hassan.  3. Akwa Ibom Akwa Ibom is named after a river called Qua Iboe (or Kwa Iboe).  4. AnambraThe state got its name from the damaged version of the area's famous river, Oma Mbala (Ànyịm Ọma Mbala). 5. BauchiThree versions of how Bauchi got her name are available: 
The Hausa word 'Bauchi' means the southern flanks of Hausaland. In the southern parts of the Hausaland, tribes were referred to as "kasashen Bauchi" and the region in which they lived later b…