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Tips for dating: 10 ways to attract your dream guy

Tips for dating: 10 ways to attract your dream guy
We all dream of finding the man of our dreams and sometimes, waiting for him to come along, one gets impatient. You don't have to wait idly right now. Follow these 10 tips to motivate you.  Believe it or not, finding the right guy begins with ... You guessed it. Uh! YOU! You can speed-up your fairytale with these 10 tips. 1. Know what you want to get You'd better decide what you want or you may as well get a lot of the ones you don't want. It is of the utmost importance to be secure in your needs and desires. 
You need to know every little detail, you need to have him down to a science, you need to know his chemical makeup and recipe, essentially, you'd better be sure you know the kind of guy you want. Don't be shy about this one. 
Set out a clear, solid goal. Write down a list of things that you want, and even things that a man doesn't want. 
You want the world to offer you, period, what you are looking for. You mus…