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15 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health

15 Common Mistake You Make In The Bathroom
One of the most utilized, but least cared for, parts of the toilet. There are some things you think you did right but you're going to be shocked. 
It's your bathroom to clean up, right? Just don't respond to that ... 
In the spirit of enhancing bathroom experience, we provide you with a list of popular washrooms habit that has an enormous effect on your daily lives. What's good news here is that you can clean up your act with dirty little tricks.
We spend nearly 1.5 years of our lives in the toilet, according to estimates. And we've been taking a shower for about 6 months. There is no wonder that hygiene plays an enormous role in our lives. Yet few people know that in the shower we're doing certain stuff wrong. 
The King Prudence has found 12 most common mistakes while taking a shower.
There is some stuff you thought you were right but believe me, you will be shocked after you have gone through this list.  Flushing the WC whi…