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20 Weird Cultures Around The World

20 Strange Cultural Tradition Around The World You Won't Believe Existed
One thing which distinguishes humans from others is our tendency to establish traditions and customs around all things, from rituals of beauty to sex. Indeed, people love to do it so much that the earth is enriched since the dawn of humanity with thousands of different cultures. No doubt, the code of etiquette is an important feature of almost every society.
Our world is a mosaic of 195 nations, which definitely makes our world a melting pot of cultural, legal, religious, and customs n-numbers. There are cultures and traditions, which are odd and difficult to believe, beginning with the tribes of Africa, Arabic nomadic Bedouins, from the European, North American most urbanized nations, to the lively nations of Central and South Asia. These cultures practiced mainly among the world's tribes, maybe bizarre for us, but these weird cultures have been cradled among themselves for a long time. What if today we se…