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How To Overcome Jealousy For A Better Life

How To Overpower Jealousy: Dos To overcome Jealousy For A Happier Life
Nobody wants to be jealous. However, envy is an unavoidable emotion that almost all of us will feel. The problem with jealousy isn't, from time to time, but when we don't hang on to it what it does to us. What happens when we allow our jealousy to overwhelm us or influence how we feel about ourselves and the world around us can be frightful. Therefore, to consider where our jealous feelings are and to learn how to cope with envy in a safe, constructive way from our interpersonal interactions to our jobs to our personal goals, is important in many aspects of our lives.
The latest indicator of success is now through social media and page views. Are people in your profile flocking? Can you manage the influencers of Instagram? Are you having the right marketing? Have you got a private brand? Have you got any followers? Have you got all the new stuff? You like your mates of yours? 
You're glad? 
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