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25 Insane And Awesome Inventions You Never Knew Existed

25 Crazy Invention Ideas, You Won't Believe What You're About To See
It is inventions that surround us. Inventions have changed the world from prehistoric times to the 21st century. Society and our everyday lives have been transformed. The brains behind these inventions are just as insane and brilliant. 
The line between insane and witty is often very thin, and inventions that sound great should only remain in your head sometimes. On the contrary, there are these problems we are all facing daily but no one comes with a viable solution and new invention that can solve them. So perhaps one of the crazy innovations out there can actually prove useful in time, even if they sound ridiculous at the beginning?
We have collected the ridiculous, foolish, strange, and truly strange inventions, such as Solar Bikini that uses rays of the sun to power any connected appliance. 
Although you can't put your hands on many, you probably don't want to, you still can buy some. So if you want …