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40 Weird Phobias You Probably Won't Believe Existed

40 Weird Phobias You Probably Never Heard Of
We call phobia 'a fear of or an aversion to something serious or irrational.' You may know of more popular phobia, including arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia, and agoraphobia (fear of enclosed spaces), but did you know that there are terms that define the fear of odor, worm, and even body odor? These odd phobias are oddly true, from the fear of wind to the fear of peanut butter on the top of your mouth.
You may think you're in unreasonable fear, but wait for these odd phobias to be read — more prevalent than you actually thought. 1. Taphophobia
The fear that they will be buried alive is taphophobia. The research suggests that during the 1700s it appeared (and presumably peaked) at a time when the plague was widespread, and people feared that doctors or physicians would falsely declare them dead. Taphophobia was such that "secure coffins" were a feature and corpses were often preserved long before burial to e…