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50 Strange Facts That Will Be Hard For You To Believe

50 Weird But True Facts That Will Shake Up Your World
There is a reason why people think the fact is rarer than fiction. The universe can be a very unlikely place between incredible developments and natural odds. Only when you think you are too confident and you know all of this, can people and stuff happily surprise you.
You can still have fun by engaging your friends and family with each other during the COVID-19 quarantine and feel the effects of social dissociation. If you chat over email, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, make one of them the most interesting, yet weird facts that will get everyone to talk about! You could turn these odd facts into questions of trivia and take your friends to virtual trivia games. Or simply by sending one of the odd yet true facts to your favorite people over text, you might surprise anyone.
What are you aware of the strangest fact? 
We bet it isn't as crazy as any! These facts may sound completely false, but trust us, they're abso…