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How To Stop Masturbation Addiction

How To Stop Masturbating: Way To Pull The Brakes On MasturbationA common part of sexual pleasure is masturbation. It can alleviate stress and assist a person in deciding sexual satisfaction. However, it can become a concern if it becomes compulsive. If this is the case, a person can avoid masturbating in several ways.
The normal portion of sexual wellbeing is masturbation. It can be a sure way to discover sexuality and self-pleasure. This is a fun activity. 
However, it might be time to try and establish a better connection with your activity if your masturbation keeps you from carrying out regular duties or interferes with your job or duties. 
What we have to bear in mind is that masturbation is not bad. It's not going to have adverse effects. It can actually be really helpful. However, if you are bothered, it is possible to leave or cut. When is masturbating an issue?It is normal to masturbate. People also masturbate even in satisfactory sexual intercourse with a partner. People who…

BBNaija Laycon Full Biography And Other Amazing Facts

BBNaija Laycon Full Biography And Other Interesting Facts About Him Who's BBNaija Laycon? Laycon is one of the housemates competing in the current "Lockdown" TV show BBNaija Season 5. Laycon is a 26-year-old Lagos rapper in Nigeria. The complete name of Laycon is Agbeleshe Olamilekan. Childhood and Education of BBNaija Laycon Laycon BBNaija was born in Lagos State and raised there. Laycon was a Philosophy Bachelor of Arts graduate from 2012 to 2016 at the University of Lagos. Previous reports have shown that BBNaija Laycon is a first-class graduate. We reported later that Laycon was actually a Second Class Philosophy graduate, set by UNILAG 2015/2016. Work History of BBNaija Laycon His impressive second-class B.A. degree in philosophy was never misused by Laycon. Laycon worked for a number of companies and institutions while making music on the side. 
As an undergraduate, Laycon has taken up a job as a personal assistant to the CEO and the company managing director with Latj…