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The Top Secret To Achieving A Female Orgasm

Secret To Achieving A Female Orgasm: Type of Orgasm, How To Achieve Them And FAQS In Achieving An Orgasm
About 10 % of women never experience orgasms — either with a partner or when masturbating. That's when I say the right news to these women: you can learn to be orgasmic.  It's not shocking that there is almost no study into women's orgasms out there. I mean, on the one hand, I can literally count on how much research on female health problems has been undertaken. However, we know one very important thing from what little data we have: only 18 % of women can reach orgasms alone in penetrating sex.
So, hi, those of you who fell into the remaining 82%. Welcome to what  I want to call "How to orgasm if you actually don't know whether you can orgasm." 
But first of all, let me explain why you did not think that you were in the majority: first, poor — no, horrifying!!! — sexual preparation. Two, films (I'm never going to forget the no-strings scene attached in l…