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Top 10 Most Populous Country In The World

10 Most Populated Country In The World
Knowing the statistics of the world population, with us closer to the absolute limits of the planet is very important.  Today, Asia has a population of approximately 4.4 billion, which is about 60% of the world's population. Thanks to its extraordinarily high rate of fertility, Nigeria has quadrupled its population over the past 50 years. 
Some estimates estimate that by 2100 the population of Nigeria will grow to China. By that time it is expected that about 10 to 11 billion people will hit their height worldwide, with India the highest population density.
Different web sources, like Wikipedia, the Worldometrers & World Population Review have compiled the list of the following countries and figures.
Nonetheless, this article is for you, all of you who find that kind of thing fascinating and would like to get a little more insight into the world in which you work. 
The 10 most populous countries in the world are listed below: 1. China - 1.43 Bil…