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15+ Things Airplane Passengers Don't Know

15+ Secrets Airplane Passengers Don't Know About
Apart from your own private jet, flights and airports are not always connected to comfort and fun. There are numerous tips and tricks to make your flight comfortable and easily reachable to any point in the world. A simple combination of keys, for example, will help you purchase cheaper tickets and you'll get your bags more easily and avoid a line at the airport using the special sticker. 
If you're on a plane once a year or once a week, a few things you've still not learned about flying are still there. 
According to flight attendants, pilots and experts in aviation, here are a few things you never hear about. How to get some bottled water on aircraft 
There's an exceptional way to get water through without breaching safeguards if you don't want to buy standard water at the airport for much money. You can freeze a flask of water at home and you can bring water in customs if the ice doesn't melt. An official recom…