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28+ Survival Hack That May Save Your Life

28+ Smart Survival Hacks That Can Help You In Dangerous Situations
Survival hacks are methods that breach the regulations. 
Not only will the best performers follow the rules blindly. 
If required, we hack. 
Of course, there are the official book survival solutions, but if you rely too much on any tool you have a major disadvantage. 
True survival is a creative endeavor requiring rapid thinking and an open mind. 
Often, as you go along you have to improvise, adapt, and do so. 
You must make split-second decisions, work with what you have. 
In the MacGyver series, you need to think like McGyver by hacking your way towards safety.
Thekingprudence has put together a host of tips to help you get safe and protected from risky circumstances. Us all need to learn how to take decisive measures to escape the worst situation.
If you dive out in the open water and find that all the fish unexpectedly have died or begun springing from the surface, that is a bad sign. The same is true of small animals and pr…