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The World's expensive and rarest Foods

The World's Most Expensive Foods: If You Can Afford It (21 Foods You Need To Try)
Food is the fundamental necessity of our lives. Every living thing uses energy to form and energy is employed at work – the cycle continues. 
Some things are worth beyond our comprehension in a world in which appalling food is hardly available to most.  There is a wide range of understanding of the term 'priced food.' It means red salmon for some; truffles for others. There are, however, a whole range of food products that you'd never imagine could be price tags. However, what other foods would offer the spice you want a ride for your money? What makes these items so expensive? They worth their price tag, are they really? Here are some of the most expensive foods on Planet Earth. So many were you trying? How many?Most Expensive Foods In The WorldTheKingPrudence presents 21 of the world's most expensive foodstuffs, whose rareness and taste justify outrageous costs. 1. Caviar
Caviar is one of…