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The Richest Animals In The World

Top 20 Of The Richest Pets In The World Some people love so much their animals that they are richer than most people in the world. These animals spend their lives with comfortable luxury without human worries or charity, having servants, and eating every kind of good thing they want.Many of the world's richest animals made their money by inheritance, while some did so by advertisement or acting. Cats, dogs, and even a chicken are on this list! Here are 10 of the richest animals in world history:The World Richest PetsHere are 20 of the richest animals in world history: 1. GUNTHER IV
Gunther IV is a millionaire canine second generation – and probably the world's richest pet. His father, Gunther III inherited The German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein $80 million. Also, he left the money to his son, whose guardians spent his fortune so that Gunther IV had a value of about 400 million dollars. He owns homes across the world, enjoys caviar every day, and has a personal assistant. 2. GRUM…