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7 Food/Fruit Combinations That Are Harmful

7 Food/Fruit Combinations You May Be Taking Everyday That Is Very Dangerous To Your Health All know it's very good to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables together. Fruit and vegetables are obviously healthy for children, but you do need to keep track of what type of fruit you consume, particularly when mixed. Not only is it unhealthful to eat all kinds of fruit and vegetables together, but it also places you and your child at great risk.Acid, vinegar, or moderate – If you do not classify when you blend your food, you need to know how to deal with your salads. First and foremost, you can't bring fruit and vegetables together. Second, you're not even allowed to combine fruits with each other. This depends primarily on the level at which fruit and vegetables are digested. Many of the variations you make will prevent proper digestion and assimilation.Fruit And Vegetable Combinations That Are HarmfulThough not everybody's food list containing all of the following fruits and ve…