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Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship

10 Things You Should Never Do In A Healthy Relationship
No one has ever said that 100 percent of the time is easy. Together with two men's lives, it is almost always a task of patience, trust, and honesty — not values that are easy for all people. Many of us conduct ourselves, often without realizing it, that can harm our relationships. 
That's completely normal, of course. As long as you learn and strive to improve on your mistakes, they will not automatically destroy the planet. However, you can reasonably hope that everything will go into smoke if you make your relationship mistakes regularly (think lying, cheating, keeping secrets) and make little effort to clean up your tracks.
If you want to build a caring and long-lasting relationship, you can't do this 10 things in a healthy relationship: 1. Lose The Sense Of Self. In too many relationships, people forget who they are. They suck up other people 's valuable preferences, hobbies, ambitions, styles, all. It's nice…