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Friends To Avoid For A Happier Life

Toxic Friends: 5 Types of "Friends" You Should Avoid To Live A Happier Life
Some friends are like family. On the other hand, some friends are worse than enemies: they are parasites. Its natural for a friendship to change over the years. But what happens when your friendship becomes toxic? 
While focusing on making as many friends as we can, why not pay attention to who our friends are. Are they the type who lifts us up or are they latter who keeps us down?
As a result, it is important to choose wisely the kind of friends to keep. Be sure the people who are closer to you are the ones that make your life better and not worse. Remember, toxic friends destroys your life while good friends improve it. Check out this overview of the top five types of toxic friends you may run into.1. Competitive FriendThere's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. However, when a friendship becomes more of a competition, it's time time to end it. This type of friends are always fin…