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7 Way To Make Her Fall In Love

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

There is probably some girl in your life that evokes very strong feelings in you. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question a couple of times already, wondering how to make her fall in love with you the next time she sees you.There’s no magic formula to cure a broken heart, that’s for sure. On the flip side, there isn’t a love potion that I know of that’s going to make someone fall for you.
From your date ideas to how you stay in communication, take these tips from experts on how to make a woman love you:

1. Know What Women Want In A Man
Let’s get a few things straight: a girl that only wants a “man” that treats her roughly and poorly is a woman who hasn’t learned to love herself, know her value, or heal her wounds. Likewise, a guy who uses bullying and force in the name of “masculinity” is just as lost. We’ve all got work to do on ourselves and we attract a reflection of what we are.
What women want in a man is a human being who stands in his cou…

10 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Relationship Healthy

All romantic relationships go through ups and downs and they all take work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt and change with your partner. But whether your relationship is just starting out or you’ve been together for years, there are steps you can take to build a healthy relationship.
In order to have a healthy relationship, both parties have to be willing to work on it. Below you’ll find 10 ways to keep your relationship strong.

1. Ask for what you want.

Over time, we assume that our partner knows us so well that we don't need to ask for what we want. What happens when we make this assumption? Expectations are set, and just as quickly, they get deflated. Those unmet expectations can leave us questioning the viability of our partnership and connection. Keep in mind that "asking for what you want" extends to everything from emotional to sexual wants.

2. Playfulness or lightheartedness

It’s important to make time for fun an…