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The Best Road Trips

The Best Road Trips In the World

The only way to really see a country is by car, on the open road. The same thing holds true everywhere in the world. If you want to really get to know another country or continent, the experience of renting a car and taking to the streets will be breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and unforgettable. We asked tried and trusted travelers from all over for their top recommendations on the best countries for road trips.

The Following are the list of road trips you can take around the world:


Speaking of Route 66, this road trip is very different from Scotland's incredible coast.

We have driven many different portions of Route 66, but you can drive this entire route from Chicago to California.

Much of the 3,940km route is abandoned and decrepit as it was forgotten when the highway system was put in place, but there are parts that have been turned into national scenic byways in Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona.

2. Great Ocean Road, Aus…

The Best Books Of All Time

Best Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die
The greatest books are defined as classics for a reason. Written by the greatest literary minds of their time, they have universal themes, characters, experiences, emotions and perspectives that are still relevant today. Some of them are the very inspiration from which entire modern genres of literary fiction have sprung up from.
We have put together our list of the best books ever. However we think we are missing some and we need your help. Take a look at our list then post on our comment section suggestions to be added. We can't wait to see your suggestions!

Brideshead Revisited, By Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh bottles the intoxicating vapour of a vanished era in this novel about middle-class Charles Ryder, who meets upper-class Sebastian Flyte at Oxford University in the 1920s. Scrap the wartime prologue, and Charles’s entire relationship with Sebastian’s sister Julia (Dear Evelyn, thank you for your latest manuscript, a few suggested cu…

People's Anti-Bucket List - Here's What They Can Never Do

The Anti-Bucket List

Opposite of a bucket list. Instead of doing something you always wanted to do, this is something you never want to do.

Here's what some people say they can never do.

1. Jump Out Of An Airplane/Skydive

To start off with this might seem weird because it’s usually at the top of people’s actual bucket list. But in the words of my father, “Why would you jump out of a perfectly operational airplane?” When you can just, you know, not.

2. No Way, Bro

I’ll never leave the solar system on a multi-generational colony ship headed for another star. There’s just no way, bro.”

3. Plan A Murder
Murder in lieu of a sin is no answer. You doesn’t just murder the other person, you kill their own soul in the process. Let authorities deal with any sort of artifice. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to end up in prison.

4. Nope

“I’m an arachnophobe, so both Brazil and Australia are definitely on my f*ckit list.
I’m not scared of being bitten. I have a phobia. I don’t want to SEE a spider any larg…