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3 Toilet Mistakes You Are Making

3 Mistakes You Are Making In The Toilet Daily

Toilet mistake you are making

Often without taking note of important things that should or should not happen, we use the toilet. According to Healthy, there are some things that should not be done in a bathroom, and below are some: 

Staying in the toilet for a long time

Have you ever been on the toilet for so long that people start thinking what's wrong? We're having that. In the shower, it's quiet. With a magazine, book, or more possibly, a smartphone, you can simply lock the door and sit uninterrupted. But for a little "me" time, you just need to find another place. Sitting too long in that position puts extra stress on the veins in the lowest part of your rectum; it can cause hemorrhoids if those veins swell or bulge. Hemorrhoids typically clear up within a week in certain situations, but in the meantime, they may be itchy, painful, and are the most common source of rectal bleeding.

Talk to your doctor to ensure that bleeding is not a symptom of colon cancer or another serious condition if you see any bright red spots on your stool or toilet paper after wiping. In order to treat persistent and painful hemorrhoids, he or she may also suggest over-the-counter creams or ointments. 

Forcing too hard

Not only does training and holding the breath to get the stubborn stool out raise the pressure on the veins down there, raising the likelihood of hemorrhoids, but it may also contribute to anal fissures. When you push out big and rough, constipated poo, these small tears in the tissue that lines your butt hole will occur. Regular physical activity increases muscle activity in your intestines to help keep stool smooth for an easier escape, up to your fiber intake, drink plenty of fluids, and remain healthy. To maybe ease the need for pressure, consider squatting for a few seconds: that posture naturally aligns the intestinal tract in a way that can help move things along with less effort.

Failure to look at your poo

It's disgusting, of course, but seeing what comes out might hint at what's happening inside of you. A sign of good gastrointestinal health is the soft, smooth, and sausage-shaped stool; soft blobs with clear-cut edges are also perfect. But you may need to increase your fiber and fluid intake if your deposits are hard and lumpy. On the other side, poo that exits like pee may be caused by a mild case of food poisoning or allergy to food, an illness, or symptoms of more severe conditions, such as Crohn's or coeliac disease. In your digestive tract, floaters are most likely due to poor nutrient absorption or too much gas; pencil-thin bowel movements could suggest colon cancer. If you note a bright red or jet-black stool, a sign of bleeding, as well as some major and persistent changes in your bowel movements, keep an eye on the contents of your toilet, and speak to your doctor.


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