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Tips for dating: 10 ways to attract your dream guy

Tips for dating: 10 ways to attract your dream guy

We all dream of finding the man of our dreams and sometimes, waiting for him to come along, one gets impatient. You don't have to wait idly right now. Follow these 10 tips to motivate you. 
Believe it or not, finding the right guy begins with ... You guessed it. Uh! YOU! You can speed-up your fairytale with these 10 tips.

1. Know what you want to get 

You'd better decide what you want or you may as well get a lot of the ones you don't want. It is of the utmost importance to be secure in your needs and desires. 

You need to know every little detail, you need to have him down to a science, you need to know his chemical makeup and recipe, essentially, you'd better be sure you know the kind of guy you want. Don't be shy about this one. 

Set out a clear, solid goal. Write down a list of things that you want, and even things that a man doesn't want. 

You want the world to offer you, period, what you are looking for. You must be very specific about the picture of your dreamboat to do that. 

Here you're creating a guy, so make him the way you want him to be, but make sure you know how you want him to be; otherwise, you're really running the risk of having some really interesting characters.

2. Getting rid of your luggage 

It can lead you into a hot mess quicker than you thought, assuming that you should step on along and not deal with any stuff from the past. 

How are you preparing to take all the baggage with you into your next relationship? And are you not waiting for the man of your dreams? He doesn't want all that mess, girl. 

But you'd better get your table washed, your wardrobe packed, and your suitcase reorganized because your dream guy doesn't want to deal with it all. 

Although some of those traumas are inevitable and will resurface at some point, you want to be sure that when the dream man comes along, you are in tip-top shape. When you haven't focused on yourself first, don't just go look for him. 

That way, it doesn't work. Cleanse your system, your mind, your body, and your spirit; open your heart to healing. But whatever you do, re-evaluate all the weight that you have been carrying around. Be more vivid and lighter.

3. Exorcise the phantoms 

One thing is baggage, but ex-boyfriends are another. You would want to cut the cord if you retain any semblance of contact with them. 

Many of you stay in contact with an ex because you have problems of co-dependence, some want a choice of dropping back, and others enjoy the attention; all these reasons are the wrong reasons in your life to have ex. 

There's really no need to hold him around if he's not a true friend, someone you can rely on. Plus, having an ex around will at least make even the most confident of individuals feel a little uncomfortable. 

So we're talking here about the man of your dreams, which means we want to make sure that when he rolls into our lives like romantic early morning fog on a very green mountain, we are spick and span. Let go of those ghosts and let a real person in your life take up that room.

4. Concentrate on YOU 

Whether it means taking a course, learning new skills, or simple self-care, focusing on yourself is the secret to happiness. We want to improve our levels of feel-good vibes that come from us, not from another place. Nothing feels better than doing something for yourself. 

We want to be our own providers of happiness. And we increase our positive energy in doing so. We heighten our vibrations when our energy is positive. 

No lie, it's just like your dream man is going to appear. For we begin to radiate outward when we operate on energy planes that make us feel joyful and fulfilled. These waves are going to attract similar waves, which is the law of attraction. 

Therefore, constructively, you want to focus on yourself. Heal, learn, enjoy; do whatever it takes to raise your positivity, and in no time will your dream man appear. Don't be shocked that your own energy would equal it. It works that way, girl. The laws of the world of love are these.

5. Dress for a positive feeling 

Although you could have the guy of your dreams with all the /i / s dotted and whatnot down to a /t/, you can't know him one hundred percent. 

You don't know all his likes and dislikes, but he'll represent you or at least like the things you like when he's a man of your dreams. There is no sense, therefore, when you can dress for yourself trying to dress for him. 

Dress in the most relaxed and trustworthy manner. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. He won't show when you take misguided actions and choices about yourself. 

Do you think about the secure rule? Well, girl, here it is. Stick to it and apply it strongly. Don't change your style because you assume that he prefers a different style. 

If he is your only one, he would like your style so go forth and dress as crazy or unlovely as you like. He's going to love you. And he loves everything you put on since clothes are just clothing at the end of the day. He'll love that girl.

6. Discard the negativity 

You want to remove the negative, equivalent to concentrating on the positive. Only if you radiate negative vibes would it affect you in the end. If you associate with negative sounds, you'd better repair them quickly. You're going to attract, without a doubt and really quickly, some pretty bad characters if you don't patch your energy bubble. 

When you ignore the negative, you mean you deserve the positive and want it. This starts safely by talking to yourself. 

To tell how lovely you are, to find something about yourself that you really enjoy and reflect for a while on it. Doing the opposite, beating up, belittling yourself, and being mean will just draw a person who will see you in the same way. Now, stop doing it, this very second. 

If you want to have the man of your dreams, you must love yourself. There are several meditations out there that will help you eradicate bad habits if you can not avoid negative chatter.

7. Think favorably 

So this has a lot to do with self-confidence, but it's a little different. Here, you want to start talking constructively about yourself. When you feel the energy waves soaring, you can use the same energy to bring it out into the universe. You want to build up your self-esteem by the encouragement of yourself. 

For others, do something good, support without being asked, offer a compliment or a card of thanks. All of these constructive actions will get closer to you the man of your dreams. 

That is if he is a positive creature, and let's hope that you created him as such, why would you want something less than the best? 

Being optimistic is not only a healthy way to be, but it helps you to enjoy life and small blessings from above can find their way into our hands and hearts when we enjoy life. 

For the whole body, mind, and spirit, and that of the world, being optimistic is also wonderful. Why not be optimistic? If nothing else, you can improve your quality of life and I hope you get the dream guy in the phase.

8. Conjure him up with this 

You are on this quest to find him, the man of your dreams, the man who is made of dreams.   

You're getting the idea. So why not take advantage of your fantasies to conjure him up? Right before you fall asleep, try to focus on what kind of man you want. 

You may also want to put some good habits into effects, such as lighting candles or incense, playing music or meditating, but give yourself a nice ceremony at bedtime that will get you in the mood to dream about your man. Write down what he's going to be like, say those things out loud, and just keep reminding yourself. 

In your subconscious, keep building him up so that he can appear in the real world. This, also some patience, takes time and practice. But this is a sure way for the fire to conjure up your dream guy. 

It is as easy as demanding that you dream of him, yet you make explicit intentions about him in the very act of the demand, and that is what is more important than the dream itself.

9. Don't look, but observe

It's a little too difficult to describe this difficult balance, but I'll do my best. In fact, if you are doing all the right things to attract the man of your dreams, you don't have to look too hard. 

He's going to come. Don't think about your pretty little head. But you don't want to be too optimistic, and you don't want to be too vain, to believe that out of nowhere he's just going to appear at your door. 

You're meant to be pro-active. That means that your eyes are kept peeled. That means being conscious of your environment. That means interaction with the signs. 

Through your everyday acts and behaviors, you want to be present so as not to miss any hint that he may be nearby. Ask the cosmos to assist you if you need further help. 

Ask for a reference to the spirit of an angel. That way, you'll be sure you're not going to miss him if he comes out of nowhere. 

And it happens like that occasionally, when you least expect it. And we'd hate to miss your guy because of you.

10. Believe

Faith is greater than all. It is something that, since the dawn of time, has governed our actions and minds. 

If you believe something, by following the rules that govern it, you can make it a reality and also make it the core of your life. You must now extend this phase of thinking to the man of your dreams. 

For a second, don't deny that he's out there, roaming around the world, even searching for you. He may be anywhere, but just know that he's a part of your present life already. Your new religion is that of seeing a dream man. 

Nothing that matters right now. You will believe that it is possible if you want him badly enough, not just to meet him, but to have a rewarding, happy relationship with him. You can only assume that, so what else is there to do? 

And believing, maybe sooner than you thought, will increase your vibrations and your chances of meeting him. Believing brings meaning to life, so why not believe, right?


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