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Most Expensive Hobbies In The World

20 Most Interesting And Expensive Hobbies In The World

People often sink into their hobby, develop new skills, and master their chosen skills. While some people like hiking, which is easily accessible to anyone, others choose hobbies that can be pretty costly. 

If you are interested in spending time and money, consider taking part in inexpensive hobbies. 

These activities may not be affordable, but they can give you endless satisfaction and enthusiasm. It's worth pouring sometimes money into something that you really love.

The hobbies of most people are: 

– Swimming
– Lecture 
– Surfing
– Radsport 
– Photographs

In fact, there are some unique and exciting times in the past with scandalously high prices, apart from these common hobbies. The vast majority of the world's 20 most expensive hobbies will not be able to participate. Normal people can look only from the sidelines. Normally. 

Thankfully, there is plenty of creativity and a willingness to entertain people. And the same applies to the high-ticket hobby world. To engage in such activities without selling your soul (and your kidneys) we have compiled a list of the 20 teaching hobbies in the world and some creative strategies.

20 World's Most Expensive Hobbies:

Cash can't buy it all, but cash stacks will definitely lead to some exciting adventures. The most expensive are some of the best interests in the world. You have come to the right spot, whether you are a billionaire or only dreaming of a new, expensive holiday! Learn about the 20 most costly activities in the world.

1. Racing Cars

Daredevils can not tolerate the wheel and the ride at high speeds worldwide. This extreme sport, along with a race car, involves costly safety equipment and the cost of a racer's life insurance is not stated. 

You can save up to $ 100,000 or more from this normal hobby. Patrick Dempsey, Craig T. Nelson, and Tom Cruise, who tend to enjoy a variety of extreme sports, are popular racers.

2. Sky Diving

Skydiving is an opportunity most of us dream of having in life at least once. It is a wonderful feeling to leave oneself in the air well above the world we know and fly like a bird. 

The rush of adrenaline generated by sapping from the aircraft is what causes some people to feel it over and over again. So many of the rich are heavy, and for every second they are doing sky diving, they don't mind shelling dollars. 

Concerning the time it is costly, and the cost can be between $150 and $250 per minute, for every second it is roughly $2.5.

But you will have around $24,000 per year, even though you hop twice a week. However, you can reduce the price every year if you are qualified at $1500.

Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Liam Hemsworth are the celebrities that love to take to the sky.

3. Scuba Diving

You have its appeal in discovering the universe below. With its colors and tranquility, aquatic life will captivate you. When you go on holiday, you can easily go for diving. 

Making it a hobby will cost you just $800, which requires certification of $500 or $300, but only if you live near a scuba diving site. 

Therefore, it could cost around $3000 per trip if you have to fly or you want to become passionate around scuba diving in distant locations.

Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods, etc. are notable divers.

4. Polo

The Polo appeal has historically been the favorite pastime of kings. If you have several thousand dollars to collect dust, why not take a horse, a briefcase, a little harsh game, and take both yourself and your money to the polo club: at just 20,000 dollars for the horse and about 8,000 dollars a year in club membership dues, that's a perfect way to show the world your wallet is high.

5. Exotic Animals as Pets

A variety of people around the world are making pets of cats, iguanas, dogs, and mice. However, it is a clich√© to own these animals to become their pets for certain rich people. The knot is higher and they make exotic animals like their pets. Why not have a beautiful Tibetan Mastiff rather than a puppy. 

Some people have this sort of hobby, like actors. Some celebrities determine weirdly about exotic animals — Just like Nicholas Cage paying an octopus for $150,000. The purchasing of exotic animals is a lavish operation, and some need regular care and maintenance, which costs you thousands of dollars. The former fighter, Mike Tyson, chose a private giant cat named the Bengal Tigers, who owns three of them. The tiger is not cheap and it takes $4,000 to maintain it per month.

6. Dance of the Ballroom

The most incredible expensive pastime on our list is dancings in the ballroom. It takes time to learn the steps and lessons are not cheap for a skilled teacher. Private lessons normally cost between $50 and $200. 

Those who take the sport seriously will spend a single sports race up to $ 100,000, making ballrooms one of the most expensive hobbies out there. 

Only look at the last 27 years of Dancing With the Stars and you will find hundreds of celebrities who have fallen in love with this dance style.

7. Art Collection

The collection of paintings and other works of art is very costly, especially in cases where it has a big name such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and Vincent Van Gogh

These artists' works paid millions of dollars. The art collector hungers for all styles of art, especially the heroes of his time. 

The art collection is a hobby for which you can purchase just a handful of these atypical works, even though you win millions in a lottery then too. 

The most expensive list includes a $250 million art piece by Paul Cezanne, a 179.4 million dollar art piece by Picasso, and a 142 million dollar piece of art by Francis Bacon.

8. Car Collection

Cars are also a million affair to buy as a hobby. The rare bits of an antique car, muscle stick, or sports car is collected by people. 

Car collection is costly not only to acquire but also to store and maintain. The cost of three rare cars is the following to give you an idea of the cost to buy the vehicle. 
  • 1937 Type 57S Bugatti – $4.4 million 
  • $10.8 million for 1961 Ferrari California 
  • 1954 Formula 1 racing car Mercedes – 29.6 million dollars!

9. Hot Air Ballooning

What can be happier than the hot air balloon's glitter through the clouds? For those who choose to push the envelope into a regular event once in a lifetime, that happy experience comes with a heavy price tag. This is a hobby for the wealthy with the average price of the ball at around $45,000 and flight education costs of around $3,500 on average. 

10. Poker

And to be clear – we're not thinking of the odd game around the table with your friends on a Saturday night when we say that poker is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. We take the high-end poker that can help you to become a millionaire or a pauper in one game. Of course, poker is probably the least costly hobby of all, if you come away from the winner. Come to the loser away and you can lose much more than you've negotiated.

11. Flying an Aircraft

As anyone thought, a career like an airplane flying is expensive. You will, however, be surprised how expensive the aircraft could be as a hobby. The certified instructor must teach you flight instruction in the first place. The average amount varies between $7,000 and $8,000 and may be higher than those figures in some instances. You will officially receive your pilot license following a lot of expenses and many training hours. 

In this hobby, you can buy an aircraft at the next high price. A plane normally costs $100,000 and is available for more expensive choices. Other costs such as maintenance, fuel, insurance, and hangar costs are incurred.

A lot of stars have fallen in love with flight. Amongst the famous pilots are Angelina Jolie, Tim McGraw, Phil McGraw, and you guessed ... Tom Cruise.

12. Mountain Climbing

Just the expense of taking up this precious hobby is rivaling one's exultation after climbing a mountain. Fees cover guide fees, plus permits, supplies, and travel costs. 

Many climbers dream that Mt. Everest will ascend, but the 29,029 feet of ascent of cost more than $45,000 plus personal facilities, training, and endless physical and intellectual energy supplies.

13. Yacht Racing

You want to take over the world of water? Oh, after a yacht race, that can be the feeling. The yacht is costly and you certainly need a pocket of gold, if you have one. 

Depending on the luxuries, a yacht can be purchased from $2 to $800 million. If you want a yachting race that is very raging like a sport amongst the people fuelled, it has to be charged an additional $8 to $10 million in the race. Although a yacht's maintenance costs $100,000 each month. 

Calculate your cost now, as yacht crashes during the race.

14. RC Airplanes

Amazingly, you can build your own aircraft and then take it down, this is a hobby in which costs start to grow quickly. Yeah, you are going to conquer all sorts of obstacles and demonstrate your interior imagination to see, but to impersonate the brother's Wright comes at a price. Purchase a ready-constructed RC plane and you can spend up to $100-$200; build your own and spend a minimum of $700 for basic components only. The more ambitious the buildings are, the more the costs increase, with some of the bigger, higher-end aircraft costing several thousand dollars.

15. Traveling the World

Few things like travel can expand your mind, but few things can just as fast deplete your bank account. You can rely on expenditure on flights, hotels, meals, and other expenses if you are looking for something lengthier or more luxurious than two weeks in between Europe. Take a sabbatical year to really see the world, and without realizing it can simply spend 30,000 dollars or more.

16. Blackjack

Blackjack is an enticing casino game. Sadly, not all people will enjoy this game because the minimum wage necessary to play this game is high. Truly a costly pastime for only the wealthy.

17. Equestrianism

Who does not love horses? These great animals are fantastic, and why so many people love riding. It is easy to understand. Equestrianism sadly needs a large budget, with up to $100,000 costing a horse. Specific facilities, training, entrance fees, and travel (both for the horse and the rider), add up a large number, making it a sport for the rich.

18. Cigarette Boat Racing

It might be a fun one minute, but the racing of cigarette boats also cost a lot. Mercedes Benz announced its new boat in 2018: a super-powered beast priced at 2 million dollars. While not all the vessels will cost you that much, the total cost of luxury ownership will hit around 1.2 million dollars. Furthermore, benefits, storage & lessons are expenses, and from that $2 million you won't be left with a great deal.

19. Motor Gliding

Do you want to own your own engine glider? Now, who doesn't? Unfortunately, very few of us can afford to whisper in our own small glider across the skies. It's a hobby for those who can, that's about half a million bucks.

20. Country Clubbing

You find few better places to rub with the élite than in a Country Club if you want to run with the elite. It's there with the best as a source of relaxation. It isn't quite the best, but rather darn close as a drain on your finances. You can expect to pay anything from $5000 to $250,000 per year, depending on the type of club you frequently visit.

How To Afford Expensive Hobbies

While not all activities on our list are open to everyone, you can try them in a variety of ways without spending on your life savings. Here are some tips to save money:
  • Rather than purchase, rent the equipment you need. It makes more sense to rent the fancy products for most hobbies, especially for snow skiing and skiing, rather than to splurge on your own package. Refer to your nearest stores or instructors for more information about renting equipment.
  • Search for discounts. Check out Groupon for great offers for your favorite hobbies. You may also email companies directly for pricing and any discounts available.
  • Buy used machinery. One of the frugal things you can do is skip the shopping of brand new products when you simply have to purchase supplies. You can typically find reduced rates for pre-owned equipment significantly.
  • If you can, borrow. Contact fellow daredevils, particularly when you try a job for the very first time, and ask to borrow equipment. 
  • Don't dip in the available supplies. For your selected hobby you don't have to have all the bells and whistles. Do not fall for gimmicks. Do not fall for gimmicks. You may want to reward yourself later if you stick to a hobby.
Using this list as your last choice for expensive passports if you're ready for some great adventures!


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