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BBNaija Laycon Full Biography And Other Amazing Facts

BBNaija Laycon Full Biography And Other Interesting Facts About Him

Who's BBNaija Laycon? 

Laycon is one of the housemates competing in the current "Lockdown" TV show BBNaija Season 5. Laycon is a 26-year-old Lagos rapper in Nigeria. The complete name of Laycon is Agbeleshe Olamilekan.

Childhood and Education of BBNaija Laycon 

Laycon BBNaija was born in Lagos State and raised there. Laycon was a Philosophy Bachelor of Arts graduate from 2012 to 2016 at the University of Lagos. Previous reports have shown that BBNaija Laycon is a first-class graduate. We reported later that Laycon was actually a Second Class Philosophy graduate, set by UNILAG 2015/2016.

Work History of BBNaija Laycon 

His impressive second-class B.A. degree in philosophy was never misused by Laycon. Laycon worked for a number of companies and institutions while making music on the side. 

As an undergraduate, Laycon has taken up a job as a personal assistant to the CEO and the company managing director with Latjum Global Nigeria Limited, an oil and gas marketing company in Lagos. 

Laycon took on a role as sales and development personnel at Bestman Games, Ikoyi, immediately after graduation. Bestman Games is an African leader in Lagos, Nigeria.

After just two months of his employment at Bestman Games, Laycon ended up as a personal assistant to the Assistant Director of Management and Human Resources (Welfare) of the Ministry at the Lagos Minister of Information and Strategy. Laycon worked with many corporations and organizations as an independent writer.

As a music maker, BBNaija Laycon 

Laycon 's love was always music. At a very early age, BBN Laycon began rapping and never stopped. Laycon also made music on the side when he was studying and working. Six months on the MTV Base Top 10 charts were Laycons song "Fierce" which included Chinko Ekun and Reminisce.

Additional useful BBN laycon facts

1. He's a DM slider

Like most boys today, Laycon is still ready and able to fire. And 9/10 times in the present digital era, that means slipping into somebody's DM. 

On the week of entry to the house of any competitor, an IG-led lady, @ Purcahontas, posted screenshots of messages from the housemate in BBNaija. Some of the screenshots are here.

2. In reality, he is signed to a record label

A lot of people know Laycon is a musician, but many people think he's an independent artist, and hope he gets a record deal from his stay at the house. 

But you see there is a great deal with Laycon ALREADY. Yeah, it might be a better time at the exhibition, but he is actually signed to Fierce Nation at this moment.

3. He wishes Happy Father's Day each year to his late father 

Alas, Laycon lost his father, but that doesn't mean he won't take the time to celebrate his dad each day. 

He didn't miss it this year, right before he went into the house.

Happy Father’s Day to you Pop. RIP
Folded hands
Red heart
10:00 AM · Jun 21, 2020 from Lagos, NigeriaTwitter for iPhone

4. He's loved by many entertainers

Since the beginning of the exhibition on Sunday, Laycon has been sponsored by many entertainers and media influencers who like Reminisce, Joeboy, Vector, Dr. Pam(Omo Iya Pam), Pepenazi, Tomiwa. Uti Nwachukwu, a former fellow of the building, said things improved for the rapper in particular and he would ultimately win the award.

5. His relationship with his father was ... complicated 

You already know that Laycon lost his dad when speaking of his father. You don't know, when his father was alive, they weren't very together, and Laycon is really sorry about that. Here are just a handful of Twitter tweets:

Replying to @itslaycon
I knew you’d left, there it is. We weren’t close, not really, but I miss you every day, I miss your smile, your jokes, the fact that you try to understand me but I was the one that kept my distance. And I miss your voice, I miss your stories, I miss your laughter.

Replying to @itslaycon
I miss having someone to call my Dad and my Dad alone. No one calls me son anymore. No one calls me Lekan the way you do See I remember that day, I watched them clean you, dress you, like strangers were in your room and you didn’t even move an inch.

Replying to @itslaycon
I’m loosing a lot of my energy and I need you to help me with that. Mum is kinda sick too... I’m gonna be very mad at you if anything happens to her. Like this are the things I need from you right now. Like this is the first time I’m asking you for anything since you left.

Replying to @itslaycon
I feel like we’ll link up soon though. Iono y I feel dat way, bt it creeps in nd goes. Like obviously my days on earth get shorter everyday so our link up day gets closer everyday
I’m nt suicidal though, Its jst tots. Dis is d longest conversation ive ad wit u in a long while.

Replying to @itslaycon
Well... Rest In Peace Dad. I know you know how I feel. I’m sorry for the things I didn’t get to say. I really really really really miss you a lot.

6. The net value of BBNaija Laycon 

The exact net value of Laycon is not known at present. No information is yet available about the net value of BBNaija Laycon. 

7. The girlfriend or wife of BBNaija Laycon 

Laycon is single from BBNaija. He is not married and has no girlfriend or wife right now. 

8. Social media BBNaija Laycon 

On social media, BBN Laycon is involved. 

BBNaija Laycon 's official Instagram account is @itslaycon 

BBNaija Laycon's official Twitter account is @itslaycon


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