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40 Weird Phobias You Probably Won't Believe Existed

40 Weird Phobias You Probably Never Heard Of

We call phobia 'a fear of or an aversion to something serious or irrational.' You may know of more popular phobia, including arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia, and agoraphobia (fear of enclosed spaces), but did you know that there are terms that define the fear of odor, worm, and even body odor? These odd phobias are oddly true, from the fear of wind to the fear of peanut butter on the top of your mouth.

You may think you're in unreasonable fear, but wait for these odd phobias to be read — more prevalent than you actually thought.

1. Taphophobia

The fear that they will be buried alive is taphophobia. The research suggests that during the 1700s it appeared (and presumably peaked) at a time when the plague was widespread, and people feared that doctors or physicians would falsely declare them dead. Taphophobia was such that "secure coffins" were a feature and corpses were often preserved long before burial to ensure that they were not wakened. Taphophobia was such an occurrence.

2. Arachibutyrophobia

The fear of peanut butter that sticks to your mouth's roof is arachibutyrophobia. While at one point or another the phenomenon happened to everyone, people with arachibutyrophobia are extremely afraid of it. The magnitude is individually different for arachibutyrophobia. Some people may eat small amounts of peanut butter with this condition while others will not eat peanut butter but anything with the consistency of peanut butter. 

Because of a greater phobia for sticky stuff or the fear of choking, arachibutyrophobia can come. It may also be caused by a stressful experience, such as shivering or being allergic to peanut butter.

3. Nomophobia

Modern misery, nomophobia, is the top of the list for strange and uncommon phobias. Phobia consists of the feelings of fear resulting from the absence of mobile service and the absence of payments, payment for, or misplacement on the mobile. Increased nomophobia has been thought to affect over 50 percent of mobile phone users.

4. Koumpounophobia

Koumpounophobia: button-fearing. 
People can't press or even hold buttons with this phobia.

5. Chirophobia

Who doesn't likes good manicure, isn't it? Chirophobia – the fear of hands – people with chirophobia — that's who. This rare phobia can be seen as a fear of one's own hands or someone else's but is typically triggered by trauma like a hand injury or arthritic onset.

6. Optophobia

If a reward was ever won for Most Painful Phobia, optophobia will have to go – fear of opening one 's eyes. While it's something few of us ever think of opening our eyes, this basic everyday activities can be a nightmare for the optophobic. Thankfully, you probably don't have this condition if you read this article!

7. Geliophobia

Many studies indicate that laughing, which helps to create social links, boost mental wellbeing, and cares for our welfare is better for our wellbeing. But the joke, or the noise, may also cause tremendous fear and anxiety for those who suffer from geliophobia. Geliophobia has indicated anxieties about laughing or being laughed at by others in insufficient circumstances.

8. Genuphobia: Fear of Knees

Don't look down! Don't look down! Don't look! People with genuphobia fear knees — whether it be themselves, someone else, or kneeling. Usually, this fear is due to a traumatic knee injury.

9. Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia is nearly a rite when you're a kid — who really wants to take a bath at 5? But if it gets older, that will be a problem. The absence of a bath can stem from a water accident or from child abuse involving water or bathing.

10. pharmacophobia: Fear of medicine.

Pharmacophobia obsesses all of the prescription's side effects. These people are afraid to take medicine because their mind or body is damaged. They are scared. The presumed social stigma that drugs are required to lead a normal life plagues you.

11. Pogonophobia: Beards' terror or excessive disgust. 

Bearded men, except Abraham Lincoln, have traditionally been viewed as untrusted. The key explanation of why most male candidates are clean-shaven is that for many, it does not mean anything to hide.

12. Ancraophobia or Anemophobia

The word 'fear of wind' is used for both terms. Ancraophobic individuals tend to be nervous outside doors and near open windows. Anxious feelings may also arise while hand dryers or air vents are moving overhead. It is thought that an event in the subconscious of the person causes fear.

13. Spectrophobia

The distrust of mirrors and the self-reflection of spectrophobia. Phobia appears to arise from a traumatic experience with mirrors – either the perception that faces or specters are in the mirror – or from poor self-esteem in the physical aspect.

14. Arithmophobia

Many people are frightened of arithmetic, but there is a real fear of numbers for people with arithmophobia. People with this fear typically have anxiety about arithmetic or about numbers in general, as opposed to the fear that they actually see numbers. Numerical terror is sometimes also known as numerophobia. Arithmophobia can affect a person's life greatly as without coping with numbers, multiple activities or jobs are difficult to do.

15. Ombrophobia

The fear of rain is ombrophobia. This includes hurricanes as (lilapsophobia) snow, (chionophobia), ice, (cryophobia), and wind (ancraophobia). It is a group of researchers named "real world of phobias." The authors of a recent study also indicated that people with this phobia would be more likely to have some structured weather-based training that would saddle them with "a stronger understanding of possible risks linked to extreme weather."

16. Phonophobia

According to research from Malaysia, phonophobia is an « abnormal » and « unjustified » fear of tone. Researchers say these sounds are popular every day, sometimes unheard of, or cause discomforts, such as the closing of doors or the noisy talking of an individual. Phonophobia sometimes overlaps with "hyperacusis," a condition that is an abnormally strong reaction to the sound, caused by a brain that causes noise.

17. Plutophobia

Some would like more wealth, perhaps, but plutophobia is fear of wealth or richness. People with plutophobia may be afraid of being rich or fear the wealthy. They normally fear money and deal with money themselves. 

People with such fear may sabotage their careers so that they do not make more money or become wealthy. The fear that they will become rich could result from the fear that it has obligations or burdens or the fear that they will be robbed.

18. Globophobia

The fear of ballons is globalophobia. The level of fear varies from person to person and can go from preventing close proximity to ballons to avoiding places with ballons. Some people are so scared that even seeing a ball on TV induces great anxiety. This phobia can be extremely difficult for young children since balls are often present on birthdays for children. 

The experience with a childhood balloon, such as a balloon, and the noise that marks them is usually causing globalophobia. It can also be associated with fear of clowns, as the two are often found together.

19. Linonophobia

Fear of string means linonophobia. The fear comes from a negative relation to the object, as with all phobias. An online test also helps to assess how serious the linonophobia of an individual is.

20. Chorophobia

The fear of dancing is chorophobia and is something that even alcohol can't sadly remedy. It also manifests itself as a fear of any dancing event, happening or human. Phobia is generally related to social phobias, particularly people's fear.

21. Allodoxaphobia

Allodoxaphobia is an exceptionally unusual phobia to describe anxieties. The phobia is thought to be linked to previous meetings where the person concerned could not express his opinion correctly or deny his opinion. In social circumstances, it is evident when the person concerned refuses to participate in discussions and may also represent a fear of confrontation.

22. Didaskaleinophobia

The key explanation of why children fear school is social or performance anxiety. However, with the spike in unsafe schools — and the widespread bullying — you must question if this phobia is on the spike. With active shooter training now being part of a children's curriculum, it would not be shocking if didaskaleinophobia was on the increase.

23. Deipnophobia

Deipnophobia is afraid of dinner and dinner talks. 

This phobia can be rooted in some combinations of anxiety and presumed judgment of others, along with the fear of eating in front of people.

24. Phagophobia: Fear of swallowing

People with this phobia will often manage, after many attempts, to swallow fluids, semi-solid foods — which keep them alive. However, because of their phobia, both are generally underweight and nervous.

25. Cherophobia: The fear of happiness. 

An individual with cherophobia only avoids activities that can bring good luck. They are not really so sad — just worried that gladness is too fleeting or useless. 

26. Pentheraphobia: Fear of Mothers-in-Law

All right, all right — everyone's a little scared of their mother-in-law. But this phobia brings stuff to the next level. It usually occurs after a kind of traumatic experience.

27. Heliophobia

Heliophobia refers to the fear of sunlight, an uncommon and unpleasant circumstance. It does not only cause extreme feelings of anxiety and panic in sufferers to go out into the sun, but even heliophobia may fear lights. Fear of disease is often associated with paranoia about the potential danger of the sun, but avoiding the sun is possibly a difficult and needless activity without becoming a vampire. It may also pose a threat to your well-being, as sunlight is good for mood control and bone health safety.

28. Bogyphobia: Fear of the Bogeyman

The mythical bogeyman's fear sometimes goes to the grown-ups. But let's be honest-who can't yet check from time to time under their bed? This phobia is probably due to watching too many frightening films and parents telling their children that the bugger is coming in and taking them.

29. Trypophobia: the fear of circle and hollow clusters. 

Will your skin crawl or get nauseated by the sight of lots of a lotus? But researchers suggest that the reaction of disgust may be evolutionary, and occur due to its resemblance to circles found in poisonous animals. It was not easily understood by the medical community.

30. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

The fear of long terms is hyppopotomonstrosispedaliophobia. Ironically, this is also the dictionary's longest term. Sesquipedalophobia is another name for the phobia. The idea is to establish this phobia by being ashamed to incorrectly pronounce long terms. This can happen when reading aloud as a kid before the class. In people with dyslexia, a phobia may be very common.

31. Chaetophobia

Hair terror is Chaetophobia. This phobia may be a fear of one's own hair, the hair of others, and even the hair of animals. Chain phobia will fear or fear your hair from a hairball on the ground. Generally, they dislike circumstances in which other people approach their hair and sometimes find haircuts particularly difficult. 

This phobia may be caused by a traumatic hair encounter. Some examples are terrible haircuts or hair loss, including baldness. It can also be triggered by someone who thinks the hair is dirty and doesn't want to touch it.

32. Vestiphobia

The fear of clothes is Vestiphobia. This is a dislike of certain clothing for many people. For others, the fear of tight clothing may cause them to feel restrained. It's a fear of any clothes in other situations. 

Vestiphobia may be due to an allergy or a traumatic experience linked to a particular form of fabric. There have, for example, been cases of apprehension of military uniforms from retired soldiers.

33. Ephebiphobia

The fear of adolescents or youngsters is Ephebiphobia. Cultural and social scientists have long known that almost all generations of adults have moderate manifestations of this phobia, which means they perceive young people as "out of reach" or in some way backward. Taking time with teenagers will help to dissipate certain concerns for adults in more serious types.

34. Phobophobia

The fear of fear itself is phobophobia. They might lead to anxiety attacks and what some investigators call 'free-flowing anxiety.' Basically, they are so hypersensitive to how they are afraid that they struggle to function because they fear.

35. Emetophobia

The fear of vomiting is emetophobia. Often researchers describe such anxiety as "social phobia" because patients are afraid of vomiting and if it happens to someone, it would be humiliating. If you look at some foods or feel stomach movement, a phobia can cause.

36. Melophobia: Fear of music.

Melophobia people are particularly susceptible to abrupt, drastic sound shifts — the heart of music. There is also a very small number of people with music epileptics: extreme pickups triggered by certain songs or music styles.

37. Gymnophobia: The fear of being nude or seeing someone naked. 

Some are somewhat nervous about this trait, but gymnophobes reject nudity at all costs. Perhaps it is due to over-intimidating or significant issues with the body image. It may also be associated with sexuality anxieties in general.

38. Urophobia

The fear of urination is Urophobia. Fear can be caused by the fear of having an "accident" in public for those with bladder control problems. Some people still have this concern when they pee around others (commonly referred to as "stage terror"), which some experts interpret as a particular subcategory of social anxiety.

39. Somniphobia

Fear of "slumbering" or falling asleep is somniphobia. Some people are suffering from sleep deprivation as they are dropping off — literally not even partially awake — which can lead to somniphobia.

40. Athazagoraphobia

The fear of losing or being ignored is athazagoraphobia. With some amnesia experience or know someone who has suffered amnesia, this fear can stimulate. 


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