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20 Weird Cultures Around The World

20 Strange Cultural Tradition Around The World You Won't Believe Existed

One thing which distinguishes humans from others is our tendency to establish traditions and customs around all things, from rituals of beauty to sex. Indeed, people love to do it so much that the earth is enriched since the dawn of humanity with thousands of different cultures. No doubt, the code of etiquette is an important feature of almost every society.

Our world is a mosaic of 195 nations, which definitely makes our world a melting pot of cultural, legal, religious, and customs n-numbers. There are cultures and traditions, which are odd and difficult to believe, beginning with the tribes of Africa, Arabic nomadic Bedouins, from the European, North American most urbanized nations, to the lively nations of Central and South Asia. These cultures practiced mainly among the world's tribes, maybe bizarre for us, but these weird cultures have been cradled among themselves for a long time. What if today we see some of these unusual cultures all over the world through a glass of magnificence? Okay, okay? Let's just dive in and learn the awesome customs.

Weird Cultures Around The World That Are Hard To Believe

1. Initiation of the Satere Mawe Tribe

The Satere Mawe tribe considers the Brazilian Amazon home and has no external touch. Many ancient rituals were preserved for the tribe, including the beginning of the new generation for the young men. At the age of 13, Satere Mawe Tribe's children become men but must demonstrate their importance through the ceremony of initiation. The kids go to the jungle to collect the furious bullet ants. One sting of one inch is said to be 30 times more painful than a bee sting or as painful as a shot of a pistol. Returning to the village, the elder leader poisoned a medicinal mixture of Agnes and knocked them down long enough to weave them into a pair of special gloves and pointing the stingers inwards. The ceremony starts when the ants wake up. The children demonstrate their bravery by placing their hands each with a traditional dance for 10 minutes. The ceremony is replicated 19 more times in front of the young guys. The bullet initiation trains you for adult suffering and how to handle the pain without showing weakness, according to the Satere Maw traditions.

2. Finger cutting in Indonesia when someone dies 

In Indonesia, this tradition takes on a whole new dimension in the Danish tribe. If a family member dies, women of this tribe suffer from emotional distress as well as physical pain. And they cut a piece of their fingers off to do so. This is meant to 'satisfy the ancestral fantasies.' Why don't men keep this custom, I wonder? This tradition is seldom followed now for the sake of good health.

3. Throwing children 

In Solapur village, Maharashtra, India it's a common practice to throw newborn children out of the 50 ft tower terrace. At the foot of the tower are people keeping sheets for safe catching the baby. This will be good luck, long and safe for their children. It is believed.

4. In Indonesia people live with the dead 

Nothing could be stranger than the tradition celebrated among the Toraja of Sulawesi, Indonesia if you speak about anything strange. In general, we all bury the dead body of our loved ones after they die, but these people actually make our senses peculiar and disturbing. They have lived with the deceased until the funeral and burial ceremony was planned. They assert that they celebrate this habit to make their late family members happy. They say that.

5. Spit on the bride in Greece at weddings 

Thanks to the 2002 film My Big Fat Greek Wedding this trend has become very famous. Spitting is a kind of good luck charm in Greek cultures that can serve to stop the devil. The tradition doesn't normally include visitors praising the newlywed bride today. Instead, it has grown into a more symbolic act in which guests communicate "ftou ftou ftou" with intensity. On other occasions, the Greeks do this too, with baptisms to remember the beauty and wellbeing of the infant. Spitting may also be performed to deter evil in daily speech as a superstition.

6. Endocannibalism

In the Amazon rain forest, close to the borders of Venezuela and Brazil, the Yanomami tribe lives. They are renowned for their endocannibalist traditions: they consume the flesh of a member of their own tribe, usually after their death (not to be confused with cannibalism).
Endocannibalism's unusual cultural practices are to envelop the cadaver in leaves and encourage insects to choose it. Bones are gathered, sprayed, and blended into a banana soup to be eaten by all. 30-45 days later, the villagers eat the ash, combined with plantain soup after one year. In the custom, the rite aims to make the souls of the dead heaven.

7. Tradition Of Scarification, Africa

The carved body is one of the oldest rituals of many African peoples, scarred or painted with scars. Children get their first scarification from some tribes just after they are born! Women must be scarified in the various phases of life in Sudan and Ethiopia. Scarification means bravery, determination, and veil to stand up to this painful body art that shows age and position in social organization and to the human being.

8. El Colacho, Spain

This practice has its roots in the pagan rite in Castrillo de Murcia, northern Spain, and since the 17th century is a local custom. The custom is widely known as baby jumping as a means of washing a new baby's soul. The festival, now a combination of pagan and Catholic cultures, starts with a procession through the city every year on the Sunday after Corpus Christi and in the end, the babies born in the previous year lie on a mat. The event will take place in the city century. Men dressed up as the devil run through the babies and jump over them. Then they are cleansed with holy water by the leaders of the Catholic Church in the Burgos region.

9. Carry pregnant women in China over burning coal 

In China, if the husband is carrying his pregnant wife with his bare feet over burning carbon, the wife's delivery will be fast. So, does the husband have physical pain to relieve the labor of the wife? What's this sort of tradition?

10. Muharram's mourning 

Muslims from around the world commemorate the Third Shia Imam every year, which martyred in Karbala desert in 680AD. Every year, they commemorate religious mourning. 

On this day several Shia Muslim groups come out and beat them unstoppably with whips attached to the blades and knives. This tradition was passed on to their generations' descendants.

11. Footbinding, China

For nearly a thousand years, young girls have been forced to make foot tensions to be the symbol of attractiveness and appeal among girls and ensure the foot does not grow taller. This decreased the usual feet to just around 3 inches in size. In this way, the bones are sometimes fractured, and the girls suffer sepsis and paralysis during this painful custom. This crazy mentality is now prevented, however.

12. The Day of Conception in Russia is 12 September 

Cultures are largely distinct in treating sex, marriage, and reproduction. However, Russia can embrace the cake in institutional terms. This is because Russian men have a very serious concern about decreasing birth rates, along with the unequal proportion of women to men and their alarmingly short lives. The government therefore has developed a public holiday that only allows pairs to stop working so that they have sex in the expectation that it will lead to pregnancy. Parents whose children are born only 9 months later can also receive prizes for helping the Russian bloodline to continue.

13. In Indonesia, tooth filling

Both sexes conduct a very unusual rite before marriage in Bali. Two teeth are filled. It is done to keep away from the couple all evil powers or features like greed, desire, rage, foolishness, errors, resentment, and poisoning. Neither of these? Boring to me sounds bloody.

14. Coffin hanging 

In the chillingly steep cliffs along the Yangtze River, China, you can see the myriad suspended objects and occult phenomena. 
In China, some societies bury their families and hang them over some cliffs when they die. In general, the coffins are hanged 33-164 ft tall and also 328 ft tall on the surface. The way the reeds are mounted at such high altitudes is still unknown. Hanging coffin records date back nearly 2000 years.

15. Feed the dead in Rome with wine 

The Romans assume that they feed the dead. So much so that tombs contain pipes that the kin of the deceased will pour into the grave in the tomb of the Roman funeral.

16. The Nag Panchami Festival, India

Bring a pot with snakes on your head and dance! What? What? What? We might be afraid of this scene, yes, but people practice this dangerous culture in some temples in rural Maharashtra, India. This is the way to worship snake goddesses while Nag Panchami is happy. People bear their heads with snakes and go to the temple in a procession. When they enter it, the snakes are adoring and offering various things in the middle of loud prayer and singing, and they are released. In this tradition are used some of the most venous snakes.

17. Red Ink, South Korea

If you are in the busy towns or peaceful lands of South Korea, stop using red ink. Historically red tin was used only to record dead names on the family registry in Korean culture. When a person's name was written in red ink, the person who wrote the name wanted damage to the other was considered a warning. Now the use of red ink is an enormous 'no' across the world, especially to name a name. The person whose name is marked is considered to be rude and a sign of ill-willingness, it is safer to simply avoid color.

18. Polterabend - Smash the dishes and make the weds in Germany clean the mess 

Friends and relatives of the bride and wife come together and split dishes in this strange pre-homily German tradition! And then the groom and the bride must purify the mess. So they practice 'working together in hard times.' Do we not get here to be literal, people?

19. Neck Ring Culture, Asia and Africa

Neck ring culture is very famous for its rude neck joys (brass coils) that are worn around the neck and make the neck look elongated among many African and Asian tribes. The two years of a baby girl among the women of Padaung Kayan, in Myanmar, have been ringing brass sprays around her neck. The long necks are seen as an impression of elegance. The peoples of Southern Ndebele in Africa wear neck rings to demonstrate their richness and rank. Strange and extreme cultures!

20. Rumspringa, United States 

The Amish Church is undoubtedly special and the typical "Rumspringa" era is a fascinating feature. The Amish people are a religious community located primarily in several parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana and in smaller communities of other countries. Easy, new technology or fashion is not available. However, at age 16, Amish children will experience life for the first time outside of the community. Rumspringa is intended as a time for children to thoroughly examine their religion and the real world so that they can determine for themselves whether or not to return to the Amish Church. The time spent outside the world is never lost regardless of whether young people wish to return or not after Rumspringa. Teens can live on their own or with their families and they can buy cars, go to wild parties and try alcohol, get an education, and much more.

Our world, as we said previously, is full of wonders and surprises. In all countries that are difficult to believe, there are strangest destinations, odd activities, and strangest individuals. We prefer to miss all of these wonderful items in our busy working schedules. The Trotterwings humbly seek to show some of these things to you. Those were some of the world's most alien, strange people, interesting and fascinating culture. Hope all of you enjoyed it.

When you see something odd next, turn your head all the way, but don't leap to the conclusion that people are crazy, mad, or dumb. They may have very good explanations for their actions.


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