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25 Insane And Awesome Inventions You Never Knew Existed

25 Crazy Invention Ideas, You Won't Believe What You're About To See

It is inventions that surround us. Inventions have changed the world from prehistoric times to the 21st century. Society and our everyday lives have been transformed. The brains behind these inventions are just as insane and brilliant. 

The line between insane and witty is often very thin, and inventions that sound great should only remain in your head sometimes. On the contrary, there are these problems we are all facing daily but no one comes with a viable solution and new invention that can solve them. So perhaps one of the crazy innovations out there can actually prove useful in time, even if they sound ridiculous at the beginning?

We have collected the ridiculous, foolish, strange, and truly strange inventions, such as Solar Bikini that uses rays of the sun to power any connected appliance. 

Although you can't put your hands on many, you probably don't want to, you still can buy some. So if you want to treat this as your shopping list, just go for it. 

1. Bottleloft: A space-saving magnetic bottle hanger 

Free your refrigerator some more space.

2. Pao Fit

The equipment may be like a piece of older torture equipment, but it actually works on your face fitness. For Christiano Ronaldo's many Japanese fans the muscle toning device was even accepted.

3. Jacket With Built-In Heater

In the back, chest, and wrist areas, the Flexwarm jacket contains special heating elements. You can adjust the heat output according to your requirements with the help of special sensors. A useful discovery not only active sports fans will appreciate.

4. Water To Wine Glass

Vocktail, made by Singapore scientists, is the glass that can alter the drink's taste and color. This glass is connected to a mobile app with a "virtual vocktail," which lets you control the liquid settings.

5. Scribble

A pen that scans and reproduces color from any object.

6. The Fliz

One way of overcoming the discomfort of a motorcycle saddle and unnatural pedal motion is by adding a harness to an overhead wheel frame. Of course. Of course. Ideal for downhill speeds when on the flat, it's just like a kid. It is beyond us how this isn't on every road yet.

7. 2-in-1: Rollers and Skateboard

Sidewinding Circular Skates allow you to control your legs freely and turn as opposed to normal skateboards. The board has 2 [25 cm (9.8′′)] wheels of diameter and comfortable foot platforms. This invention is not only satisfied with young people. It exists already!

8. Smart Glasses

Vue glasses contain many cool features: calling, transmitting music, and being a navigator, pedometer, and calorie counter. The major point is that they have a "Find my glasses" function, which means you won't have to find your glasses for hours. The view lenses look like regular (there is also a sunglass option), are touch-controlled, and have a special case with wireless charging.

9. A Pendant That Transforms Speech Into Text 

Senstone can be hung on clothes or attached as a pendant to one's neck. The device transforms speech into text with just one click with 97 percent accuracy. It's all students' dream: no lecture notes are now required! 12 languages are understood by the pendant.

10. Pee-Buddy

The Pee-Buddy is the first kind of product for the use and throwing of women. It is a paper funnel that can always be stored in bags and used in toilets without spilling or leaking. It is waterproof.

11. The Geek Keyboard Jeans

Erik de Nijs, a Dutch design student, must hate to have his keyboard. He's integrated a keyboard into his jeans instead of using a laptop. But these also have a mouse and a speaker. You get £250 for this particular look.

12. Metal Detector Sandals

Why not have your footwear search for treasure for you if you are already walking along the beach? The idea behind them must be this. Who knows, perhaps they've made someone truly rich already – or arrested them because they seem to have escaped house arrest.

13. Port Solar Charger

Port is a compact mobile battery that lends solar power to your phone. You simply have to attach it with a special suction cup to any window in the house, car, or plane. You can see how convenient it is for yourself.

14. Aqua-Treadmill

Water Walker & Spa looks like it's a large bath and has a moving area underneath to walk or run. It is the ideal machine for injuries as it decreases the pressure on the organ in cardiovascular conditions. It helps strengthen the muscles and aerobic exercises to brand excess fat. Water Walker is also an awesome spa bath so after your workout, you can relax.

15. A Mat With A Built-In Alarm Clock

Ruggies are a regular alarm clock for those who can not wake up. To disable the alarm, you must step on it for 3 seconds using both feet. This is time to face the horror of the rising and beginning of a new day for your brain.

16. Lifestraw Water Filter

99.9% of bacteria and 96.2% of viruses are removed through LifeStraw. Initially, it was developed for people in emergencies and people living without adequate fresh clean water in developing countries. This device has however become very popular with international travelers. You can drink water from a river or lake with this device. If you are not sure of the water quality you drink, it can be useful.

17. The Japanese True Love Tester Bra

This bra can test real love. It just unhooks if she's in love, not just that.

18. Baby Mop

Your baby already creeps across the ground, why can't he do it? This is like a giant cleaning rag that lets your child learn from a very, very young age the value of the toughness of a day.

19. Cell Phone and Bluetooth Headset in One Device

Finally, someone managed to combine a Bluetooth headset and cell phone in one device. A phone, which is to be inserted into the ear, rises from the middle when you squeeze the phone from its sides. It is a shame that the Kambala project is still at the stage of the idea.

20. Packaging that changes color when the product is expired inside

The Braskem company has worked with scientists from the United States and Brazil to produce plastic types that could change colors depending on PH. It can be used for the production of petty food packs. Soon we'll see how fresh the milk really is in a supermarket.

21. Rain On Request

Rain on Request uses an operating electric field to impact the local atmosphere because air ionization leads to the nuclear formation, cloud growth, and precipitation.

22. Vibrating Jeans

If every time your phone gets alarmed, it's no good news that you can not get enough news and you like the feeling of your pocket vibration. These jeans and jeans shorts are designed for leg-based thrills when your phone does.

23. Airsticks

These devices are an unnecessary Matt Benedetto invention. The Airsticks may be the ideal solution if you always lose your Apple Airpod while you're a fan of Eastern food. 

"The ideal accessory for your Apple AirPod. Enjoy your favorite sushi on your way without ever leaving your chopsticks."

24. Freeble

Hold hands worldwide. This strange little guy imitates an internet connection with his hand. You squeeze your hand and your child feels like you're holding his hand like he's changing. This isn't at all depressing

25. Knife Toaster

There is a concept of a knife, which can be heated enough for a piece of bread toast. This time-saving, easy-to-clean gadget could be used anywhere, without spending a tone on toasting in hotels. If this lightsaber of The Hitchhiker Guide To The Galaxy looked like it would be cool, but the truth is a bit more boring.


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