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Top 10 Most Populous Country In The World

10 Most Populated Country In The World

Knowing the statistics of the world population, with us closer to the absolute limits of the planet is very important. 
Today, Asia has a population of approximately 4.4 billion, which is about 60% of the world's population. Thanks to its extraordinarily high rate of fertility, Nigeria has quadrupled its population over the past 50 years. 

Some estimates estimate that by 2100 the population of Nigeria will grow to China. By that time it is expected that about 10 to 11 billion people will hit their height worldwide, with India the highest population density.

Different web sources, like Wikipedia, the Worldometrers & World Population Review have compiled the list of the following countries and figures.

Nonetheless, this article is for you, all of you who find that kind of thing fascinating and would like to get a little more insight into the world in which you work. 

The 10 most populous countries in the world are listed below:

1. China - 1.43 Billion

China is the crown of the world's most populous country. 

It contains nearly 20 % of the world's people within their borders, 18.59% to be exact. 

The total area of the territory is 9,388, 211 km2 and the population is 153 per km2. 

In big towns such as Shanghai and Beijing, the majority of China's population is 37 years old. 

The capital, Beijing, has some 11716,620 inhabitants, and Shanghai, China's largest city, has some 22,315,474 inhabitants. 

China's growth rate has declined dramatically since the introduction of the one-child policy. The population is expected to begin to slow and decline by the year 2030. 

We'll have just to wait for now to see what's going on. In India, the label of the most populous nation in the world is fast on its back.

2. India - 1.37 Billion

India, with 1.37 billion people as a whole, is the world's second-most populous country. 

In the past 40 years, the country has doubled by roughly 181.5 million people between 2001 and 2011. 

The population of this region is now equal to 17.71 people per km, with a population of 461 per km². The total population is very high. 

The majority of the population can be found in major towns and towns as we saw with most countries on our list. 

In all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore approximately 34.5% of India's population is. 

The population of Mumbai, the Indian capital, is 12.5 million.

India has a median age of 27.1. 

As the population of India continues to grow, it is expected to exceed China by 2024 to become the world's most populous country.

3. United States - 329 Million

In the United States, there are 329 million people. It is the world's third most populous country. 

America is fairly large, with a total area of 9.147,420 km 2 compared to some other countries on the list. 

There are 36 people per square kilometer in population density, and 82.5% of people live in urban areas. 

California and Texas are the most populated states. The population of California is 39,5 million, Texas 28,7 million.

New York City with approx. 8.4 million residents are the largest city in the United States. 

By 2050, 438 million people in the United States are projected to rise.

4. Indonesia - 270 Million

Indonesia is the island nation with the most populated and Islamic population and South East Asia with the most populated sovereign state.

Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous country.

The population is currently 270 million and its density per km2 is 149. 

Indonesia comprises some 17,000 islands and covers an area of 1.811.570 square kilometers. 

In the Java island, nearly 56.7 percent of the population of Indonesia lives. 

Indonesia has a median age of 28.8 years and has 3.51 percent of the global population.

It has 11 towns of more than 1 million and Jakarta's capital, 10.6 million inhabitants. 

In the past 4 years, Indonesia's population has doubled from 119 to 240 million in 1971. The population of the countries is projected to continue to rise over the next decades.

5. Pakistan - 216 Million


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the fifth largest populated nation in the world, Asia's third-largest population, and the second-most populous country in the Islamic world. Six major ethnic groups comprise the country's population. Punjabis (45%) Pashtun (15%) Sindhis (14%) and Saraiki (8%) are the majority of these. 96% of the population of Muslims in Pakistan. The population density of Pakistan is 281 per km2. 

The size of the city is 770.880km2 and its main towns and urban areas are concentrated for the majority of the population.

There are ten cities in Pakistan with more than one million residents. 

Karachi and Lahore are the two largest cities. Karachi has 14,916,456 inhabitants, and 11,126,285 in Lahore. 

Pakistan's present middle-age is 22.0 years, with a population of 2.81% of its population in the world. 

Pakistan has an overall growth rate of about 2%, but it will fall to 1% by 2050. 

In 2030, the population is expected to hit approximately 245 million.

6. Brazil - 211 Million

With a total estimated population of 211 million, Brazil is the sixth most populous country in the world. 

South America is the largest nation, with 24.66 people per km2 of the population. 

With 11.9 million inhabitants, São Paulo is the largest city, with Brasilia's capital, 2,8 million inhabitants. 

Brazil is 8,358,140 sq. kilometers wide and has a population of approximately 25 per km². 

The age of the population is medium 31.8 years and 87.4% urban. 

Because Brazil has been declining considerably because in 1970, due to families choosing to wait longer to have children and more Brazilian women joining the laboratory.

The average birth rate for women today is 1.77, down from 4 in the '70s per year. 

The effect of a birth rate decline in Brazil is predicted to continue to rise up gradually by 2050, and then population declines and stagnates start to decrease.

7. Nigeria - 202 Million

Nigeria currently has around 202 million inhabitants.

More than 50 % of people live in urban areas, 51.2% to be exact. 

Nigeria has many cities, five of which have over a million inhabitants. 

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria and Nigeria's largest city by far. It has roughly 17.5 million people. 

Nigeria's median age is 17.9 years and about 221 people per square kilometer. 

Nigeria has 910,770 km² of total land area and a population of 2.61% of the world's population.

Nigeria is projected to cross 206 million by 2020, and 264 million by 2030, according to projections. By 2036 Nigeria will pass the population threshold of 300 million if this rate of growth continues.

8. Bangladesh - 167 Million

Bangladesh, situated between India and Myanmar in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta. The land is about half the size of the UK, making Bangladesh the world's largest densely populated country.

Bangladesh is the world's 8th-most populated country. 

It covers 130,170 km2 and has a total surface area of approximately 1,250 people per km2. 

Dhaka is Bangladesh's capital, with 14.4 million inhabitants. 

Bangladesh's population constitutes 2.11 percent of the world's total population. 

In Bangladesh, the average age is 26.1 years and the country is now rising at about 1%. 

Through 2020, through 2030 Bangladesh will cross about 170 and 186 million inhabitants.

9. Russia - 146 Million

First up is a nation with a population of 146 million and 16, 376,870 km2 in total surface area. 

Russia has a population density of approximately 9 people per km2. 

Russia has an average age of 38.8 years and is an equivalent of about 1.89% of the world's population. 

The majority of Russians, like many other nations, live in metropolitan areas, for example, Moscow, the capital city with a population of 12.1 million. 

The number comprises the population of the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia. Russia is transcontinental in North Asia and Eastern Europe. It is by region the world's largest nation. There are ethnic Russians in the country, more than 80% of the population. In the European part of the country, more than 75% of the Russian population lives.

The Russian population is not expected to increase soon; rather, over the next decade, the population is projected to decline gradually, with many analysts predicting a total of 140 million people by 2030.

Yet policy incentives to give new mothers money for raising three or more children have been introduced. 

We're just going to have to wait to see what's going on.

10. Mexico - 128 Million

Mexico is the world's tenth most populous country. 

North America's third-largest country in the world's second-largest populous country and the world's most populous Spanish-speaking nation on the North American continent. It could come as a surprise, but Mexico is also the third-most population of the world in terms of Christianity (92.4%). 

Mexico has overtaken Japan and the Philippines to claim its place among the top ten with a current population of 128 million people. 

Mexico encompasses a surface area of approximately 1.972,550 meters and has a population of approximately 1.63 percent. 

The population is approximately 66 per km2 and the majority of the population is between 25 and 54 years old.

The most populous cities in the world, with about 16 million people, are Mexico City, Itzapalpa, and Ecatepec.


Perhaps you enjoyed our list of the world's 10 most populated nations. 

The usual suspects hold the top three positions probably wasn't that surprising. Some of the others, such as Mexico and Nigeria, have however shocked us. 

Keep an eye on these countries in future years and see how migration, death, and birth rates fluctuate.

Here's a quick recap:
  1. China – 1.43 Billion
  2. India – 1.37 Billion
  3. United States – 329 Million
  4. Indonesia – 270 Million
  5. Pakistan – 216 Million
  6. Brazil – 211 Million
  7. Nigeria – 202 Million
  8. Bangladesh – 167 Million
  9. Russia – 146 Million
  10. Mexico – 128 Million
Which of the most populous countries did you expect to be listed? Leave an underlying message.


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