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Things You Should Never Do During Sex

How To Have Sex: 15 Thing You Should Never Do During Sex

Sexual intercourse is usually a concentration-friendly activity and that emphasis must always remain relevant because, after the exercise, the two parties involved are in order. 

Nonetheless, the action may unexpectedly become nauseating, uninteresting, or dreary because of the other person's actions and inaction given the anticipation and pleasure often felt by sex. Healthy sex life for marriage is critical though. This is worthy of notice.

There might also be some downsides to all the awesomeness sex has to bring. For instance, sometimes it can be messy and smelly, because one doesn't really know what happens in the genital region, particularly after a long day. This can be also messy, embarrassing, surprisingly amusing, and when things get really bad. And among all the gross things that happen during intercourse, some of which are out of control, some things are really annoying.

Honestly, when you are about to have sex, you never really know how it is going to go, particularly with a new partner. And you are still running, hoping for the best and crossing your fingers to make your way to at least one orgasm. 

Sure, it is not possible to control the accidental queef, or the rogue moment you decided to turn up middle sex to join the crowd. Couples seem very useful to know what they're doing or to suggest their partner may lose interest in the act or truncate the break in the sack itself for that moment or even afterward.

Since we all do something that might probably be called "worse" during sex, but maybe we didn't know, there are 15 horrible, jerky, terrible examples here.

1. Not Kissing

Believe it or not, many people (including women) don't kiss their partner when they have sex. What is it? What? You don't want it or you want it to stop too, so the rhythm can be interrupted. However, you are encouraged to try to hug your partner – it just adds to the experience.

2. Being Quiet

Make some noise for godly love, please! This is the worst if someone else does not even grasp the fact that sex is more than physical touch. We've just gotta speak to you! Good sex needs something more, it sounds erotic, it feels like you're both heading towards something amazing – particularly if you're orgasmic. When you can't even hear a mouse track between you, what is the point of having sex? Free. LAWS. Don't kill some music in the mood.

3. Genitals Insult 

"Don't disrespect anyone's sexual genitals. Women don't need to hear their vulva ugly, and men don't need to know that their uncut penis is a twitch."

4. Don't Evaluate Their Private Components Because They Are Complementary

There are things that people don't want to hear from their partner during or shortly before sex, because they may destroy the libido of another person to whom the comment is addressed. That a man is small, that he is not good in bed, or that he odors (including mouth odor), will naturally penetrate his libido and cause him to lose interest in the case, no matter how excited he was. Such is the same with men who tell a woman during sex that she has a droopy vagina, a sluggish breast or body, stretch marks, a stomach or pot's protruding belly, unshaved pubic hair, or an odor that may deflate her interest. There are therefore observations that do not compliment the other person during sex, although such words can have, psychologists and sex therapists suggest no remarks. Alternatively, they said that the partners would talk peacefully after the act, to come up with a solution.

5. Putting Your Balance On Your Partner

While it's a girl! Each time at the moment, it's fun to get lost and wild with your lover. Nonetheless, you must be careful not to drop your weight when you sit on top of them. Hitting them or stopping them from a respiring will, however, destroy the moment and hope for constructive action.

6. Check For A Text Message On Your Phone 

Whether it's a text message or a phone call, it might be waiting. Was it bad enough for your phone to be checked on a date, but midsex? Come on, come on, come on. Anyone who does that clearly means that they don't even know what's happening in between covers.

7. Climax To Early

It is not the easiest for all, some people climax very fast, and it is very difficult for them to stop, it is hard for everyone to avoid ejaculation. For some reason, several guys have prematurely ejaculated. Up to 35% of young men have premature ejaculation and see it as a problem. It might take a little longer, but you're going to learn how to do it properly, i.e. to communicate with your partner, step slowly and pay attention to the feeling, and in time, I believe.

8. One Ex-comparison

Many people would choose to point out how their ex has changed out of dissatisfaction with their partner 's performance, perhaps in an attempt to inspire their spouse to take the initiative. Furthermore, studies indicate that comparing a spouse with others may be detrimental, to the detriment of the spouse, as it seems to affect the self-esteem and confidence of their spouse.

9. Sounding Like Getting An Orgasm

Many people are guilty of this. We have plenty of films and illustrations to demonstrate how women create fake orgasms. For many, the orgasm of a woman remains a huge mystery, but that doesn't necessarily mean it must be false. The key point was, that the partner will know this one day or another, and he definitely doesn't want it.

10. Sneezing Or Coughing In The Direction Of Your Partner

Hey, during sex, these problems occur. Yet you must turn your head so your buddy doesn't have something on his nose if you sneeze, or if you cough. Great. Great. Oh, huge. Yeah, huge.

11. Don't Say You Know Exactly What Your Partner Wants

In any relationship, contact is key, be it in questions of sexual intimacy or in any other matter concerning marriage. There are also advised people, who are irritated about what the partner does not do well, to communicate their disappointment and not to use frowning or hissing to convey anger. It should end the act immediately because the other individual often loses interest.

12. Act Involving Mechanics 

You may feel comfortable that you are pumping out because you are in the gym, but you will soon discover that most people do not like it. Switch it up a bit; go gradually, sometimes fast. You'll enjoy some variety and be creative.

13. The Wrong Name Call 

In reality, we all forget the famous one-night stand 's name. And to be free, it's always better to simply yell, "Hey, yeah!

14. Farting

It is another naturally occurring body reaction that often occurs unknown. If it occurs at a wrong moment, people are usually embarrassed, which is sufficient to lose peace, but experts believe that they do not crucify themselves if they fart during the sex. You should sincerely apologize and move ahead without wasting your time with your partner.

15. Don't Treat Sex Like Porn

While some people are wild, you 'd be wise to speak to your spouse before you engage in such conduct. When you want to be cruel to your lover without knowing whether they first enjoy it, the situation would certainly not end in a glad note.

Things You Should During Sex

  • Foreplay is compulsory – foreseeing is an act that precedes the sex act itself. It helps to induce the psychological and physical reactions of an individual that increase the anticipation and sexual desire of an individual. You have to use pre-spiel pleasures if you ever think you are doing anything wrong.
  • Show your enjoyment – it is one of the most important aspects of any sexual interaction to display with such a natural moan your wishes. You should also tell them what, when, and what is most important to you and make them understand.
  • Don't forget to try new things - Do not forget that repeating the same sexual activity sometimes can boring and tiresome your relationship. All you should do is spare your experience in various roles or activities. The next time you meet, fill your sex life with a little surprise. You 're never conscious that it could really be the best sex ever.


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