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The World's expensive and rarest Foods

The World's Most Expensive Foods: If You Can Afford It (21 Foods You Need To Try)

Food is the fundamental necessity of our lives. Every living thing uses energy to form and energy is employed at work – the cycle continues. 

Some things are worth beyond our comprehension in a world in which appalling food is hardly available to most. 
There is a wide range of understanding of the term 'priced food.' It means red salmon for some; truffles for others. There are, however, a whole range of food products that you'd never imagine could be price tags.

However, what other foods would offer the spice you want a ride for your money? What makes these items so expensive? They worth their price tag, are they really? Here are some of the most expensive foods on Planet Earth. So many were you trying? How many?

Most Expensive Foods In The World

TheKingPrudence presents 21 of the world's most expensive foodstuffs, whose rareness and taste justify outrageous costs.

1. Caviar

Caviar is one of the most exquisite delicacies of the world and is the pickled roe of the sturgeon cod. It is difficult to manage and package but it's incredibly uncommon, more importantly. Beluga Sturgeon, found in the Caspian and the Black Seas, is the most popular caviar. Very little of its eggs can now be legally sold as critically endangered. The beluga sturgeon takes up to two decades to mature and is an adult! The roe of the albino sturgeon is now less common-it is now almost extinguished in its home setting. The most expensive caviar recorded is an albino beluga sturgeon aged 100, perhaps, whose white caviar sold for about $34,500 per kilogram according to the Guinness World Records. This is my cod!

2. Matsutake Mushrooms

These mushrooms are so rare that they now have a price of up to $600 per kilogram. Native to Japan, Matsutake mushrooms also grow in various Asian countries. However, their number has decreased considerably because of the effects of insects and invasive trees on the shady areas where mushrooms are growing. Since Matsutake mushrooms can not be cultivated there is a great risk that they will be completely killed in the future.

3. Saffron

The saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, originally from the Middle East and well known as 'red gold' with a 1 pound price varying from $5,000 to $10,000 for retail. The production of the crocus sativus or "saffron crocus" flowers requires plenty of patient care and several hours of manual labor. 150 flowers produce just one gram (0.05 ounces) of dry saffron to add some sense!

4. White Truffles

This is one of the costly foods in the world, usually used in luxury dishes. Found abundantly in Italy, it sold up to EUR 7000 per kg. Say, this food is something special when you take a dick with your teeth. Restaurants around the world prefer to serve it with chopped eggs. Too unexpectedly, people are not drawn easily.

5. Taco

Some people come to Mexico for the nice and inexpensive street food, and some of them come to Grand Velas Los Cabos for the world's most expensive taco. The taco costs $25,000 with the lobsters, Kobe beef, the caviar of Almas Beluga, and the black brie truffle. Even the salsa, made from Morito peppers, ultra-premium tequila, and civil coffee, are extremely high. Their salsa is very severe. 
Of course, you can't pair a $25,000 taco with a Corona, but the restaurant offers a helpful mix of white tequila with a high-quality silver bottle of wine, for only an additional $150 000.

6. Lobster Frittata

Lobster is cash. Lobster is food. The fact that it is delicious isn't denied, but it certainly costs an arm and a leg. It's certainly meant for special occasions, be it lobster roll or lobster tail. Sweet, Norma's in NYC has figured out a way to make the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata a little more enjoyable. It has a total of 6 eggs, 10 oz. sevruga (it costs $65 an oz) and an ounce of both lobster and cream and chives, considered the most expensive omelet in the world at $2750 and is made from six eggs. A smaller version of the dish that costs 100 dollars is also available. 

7. Cured Iberian Ham

The black Iberian pig is a rare species except wherever it is cured in Spain and Portugal. If it walks openly in the oak forests, the pig is nurtured solely with corn and grains. The ham is then sold to high bidders and cured for 3 years. 
Until 2005, because of its rarity, this ham was unlawful in America to sell. Exports of this rare ham could not, legally speaking, be sold outside Spain, but a slaughterhouse was approved in 2007 in Spain to cure and sell these hams to people in the United States. The cost varies year after year but typically ranges from $170 to $600.

8. Densuke Black Watermelon

Watermelon is not uncommon, but it most certainly is Densuke from Japan too. Densuke watermelons, only grown on Hokkaido's northern island, are stripeless, deep, dark green with a sweeter taste and different from their domestic counterparts. They are also extremely common at incredibly high prices, grown in small loads, and known for selling a few melons early harvested for more than $6,000.

9. Oyster

Today considered a luxury, the food of the filthy rich was not always oysters. Oysters at the beginning of the 19th cent. were inexpensive as chips and a significant source of food for the working classes in coastal communities. 
Yet overfishing and contamination have impacted oyster reserves and their value has risen. A dozen of you will get around £51 at a top London seafood restaurant. 

Many people are content to fork out for a slimy mollusk or two. Of course, the notorious aphrodisiac properties of the oyster are also purchased. Pay attention to who you dine with!

10. Kopi Luwak

Throughout Indonesia, the Philippines, and South India, this coffee is processed throughout large quantities. Kopi luwak is the world's most expensive coffee. Its cost ranges from 250 dollars to 1200 dollars per kg. It is known for its highly specialized way of handling it.

11. Kobe Beef

Kobe meat of the Tajima race is one of Japan's most popular national treasures. The increased marbling of the meat gives exceptional resilience and increases the taste of the beef. And because all the good stuff is worthwhile, Kobe beef sells for about $100 a pound.

12. Vanilla

Consider what it's made of every time you make a sully face of vanilla ice-cream. Not just Vanilla, but also the cost of around $4000 lbs. It's known to be a costly food and only blooms for a couple of hours over the next 12 months. It is not commonly available on any market, too.

13. Foie Gras

Foie gras is a costly pastry made of fattened duck or goose liver (up to 10 times the usual size). The flavor is sweet, buttery, and delicate and the commodity costs money, but the birds pay higher than normal – the gangs and ducks are maize fed by food pipes. 

This is a tradition from 2500 BC when ancient Egyptians discovered that many birds could be fattened by forced overfeeding. Many countries today have anti-practice legislation, and foie gras production, import, or sale.

14. Wagyu Steak

We're going to have to admit that these cows are treated a lot more than we would want to, but we like to believe that our 'fin.' Such Japanese cows yield such costly meat, as both automatic and hand- massaged cows. They are really hygienic, washed, served top of the line meals. 
Of their meats, these beers and sakes are fed daily to produce such a beautiful marbled effect, which also makes these magnificent creatures feel content and relaxed. 

The meat comes out with a popular buttery flavor with all these pampering techniques, so it is so expensive. This meat cost $450 per Ib.

15. La Bonnette Potatoes

Oh yeah, potatoes. You have the impression that these are not commonplace potatoes, but taste it like anyone else. They are a rare object that is only available and threatened with extinction in Noirmoutier, Western France. Demands for these potatoes have been growing throughout Europe and they can be sold at incredible prices in leading department stores. The potatoes cost up to $1600 for a kilogram of La Bonnette.

16. Bluefin Tuna

See this delicious red meat. The view is almost bizarrely satisfactory. Several ecologists have cautioned that the bluefin tuna is vulnerable, but the availability of it has not been obstructed. A pound of bluefin tuna is priced more than $4000 and its foods are particularly pricey.

17. Bird's Nest (Red)

A Chinese platter, made from saliva, presented in soup (SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE ...). Serve usually in three colors: red, white, and yellow. Naturally, the red soup is popular for its quality. They are harvested from farms in South East Asia and sold at amazing prices. The taste is very rare and delicious, and many times you wouldn't give your tongue. The red soup has normally priced a bowl for more than $10,000.

18. Yubarki King Melon

After black watermelons, present a melon you would not compare with your local melon. It is still orange inside, but the flavor is thousands of miles away from a typical one. There is a difference in the proportion of sweetness. Melons from Yubari cost a piece of around $5000. This food is widely demanded and requires auctions to sell. For this offer, an entrepreneur was custodial for this prized melon after his offer reached up to 23,000 dollars.

19. Moose Cheese

A moose, which is made in just one place: at the Moose House farm in Sweden, is one of the world's most expensive cheeses. To produce it, moose milk is needed. Moose is white in color and has a feta cheese appearance. It costs approximately €1,000 per kilogram ($1,074) and has been manufactured in a very limited quantity.

20. Matcha Green Tea

This component is linked to good health. Most of Matcha Green Tea's main nutrients are mainly anti-oxidants. This is also caffeinated, though it is used in ice creams and gourmet desserts to add a supreme flavor. Customers can expect Matcha Green Tea to pay more than $180 per kilo. 

21. Christmas Cake

It took 6 months for Jeong Hong-Yong, a pastry chef in Tokyo, to plan this sumptuous cake, and another month to revive the fruit cakes covering marzipan. It has drawn questions with 223 diamonds of a total of 170 carats, including 5-carat stones, but no serious customers (hmm, any guesses as to why? 

At $1.7 million, it is displayed and guarded 24 hours a day in Takashimaya, Tokyo's department store. In the meantime, we average people should just continue to enjoy regular cookies, tarts, and Christmas cookies (Costco pie is the best of the best, just kidding).

It was difficult to curb your appetite and excitement for these luxury food products, should you say. If you don't have any in mind, you will make taste your achievement for them.


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