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How To Not Fall In Love Easily Or At All

How To Not Fall In Love: 10 Ways To Avoid Falling In Love Easily

All of us are tempted to be grateful immediately. Passionate nights with a new lover, butterflies, and chat hours. These are great moments, but if we leap too far, we may be unable to determine whether this person really is a good match in the long term. Springing forward to create a true and proper relation does not allow us to stay clear in our minds. What can we do to prevent us from falling too fast? Instead, what are we to do? I will provide you 10 ways to avoid being too fast in love that can make you live a happy life for a couple of exciting nights!

Love is a beautiful thing. Love is healthier for people. How do we know that we gave the right person our love? You get mad and probably dumb stuff because of your passion. If you fall in love too quickly, you may get hurt because the man isn't right for you or because you're love-loving.

That's why it is important to take things slowly and set borders when you begin to date. Two safe, independent persons that are not quick to get something going because they're patient enough to allow something to happen are part of a healthy relationship. 

If there are any ways to stop you, if you're someone who always falls in love too easily:

1. Divert attention

Let this person not control your mind.   It's certainly possible, however hard it can seem to avoid thinking about that person. Keep distracted by new events that need your attention. Think of something else which makes you happy each time you feel lonely or idle.

2. Creating limits

In any relationship, boundaries are crucial, which is why it is advantageous to create them in your survival as quickly as possible. Moreover, it helps to control your heart. Spending time with your partner always makes us feel as if they are meant to be because you exist in a bubble together. Having time off is not only safe but it can also help you gain a perspective of how the relationship is driven. Having each other once or twice a week is both natural and safe at the beginning of a relationship.

3. Talk to a friend

Those who fall in love are always too sweet. You see only the best in all. You can build feelings for anyone because when it rains once they give you an umbrella. 

Take your friend and have a conversation online. Be around someone reasonable and hear his view, who isn't too wrapped up in the situation. You may be too blinded by love to see that just because of an umbrella you really should not fall in love, but your friend certainly will. Therefore, at 3 am, when you feel crazy, you need the support of a mate.

4. Don't get too good

Stop talking for a long time with this person. And most importantly, avoid late-night texts or phone calls where you both share intimate life details. You must note that you don't become friends of this person in this situation, you fall deeper into love and that isn't pleasant at all.

5. Be realistic with yourself

Yeah, falling for somebody new is completely awesome. There are intimate dates and physical contact, and, if you're lucky, even actual fireworks. But not all these fantastic nights make true love. You take a moment to decrypt your feelings — you really love that person, or are all you doing together excited? To keep your head straight, it's important to check in with yourself, particularly in the first few months of someone new. By the way, it's perfectly safe to confess that you don't love the new guy you're living with. That doesn't mean you won't be! This means that you haven't been yet.

6. Do not overlook the warning signs

When you want to like them, it is easy to overlook somebody's weaknesses. It is so difficult to see all the red banners that are so clear when you step on even if you love them. If he sometimes disappears for a day or two, don't apologize to him for saying "It is who he is." 

Tell yourself whether your boyfriend really have a quality you want. The red flags don't forget. Too many people realize that they have fallen in love with the wrong person in the past, as they want to love them so quickly and ignore every red flag. 

Weigh up his good and bad skills. You should be reasonable and tell yourself that you shouldn't ignore it only because you want to love it if it has a feature for which you can not live.

7. Figure out the difference

There is a contrast between loving one and finding someone desirable and exciting. This does not mean you love them simply because you think a boy or girl is cute, enjoyable, or wonderful. 

Maybe you only assumed that love is what you feel when admiration could only be. After all, it's nothing wrong to think a person is wonderful, and no law compels you to fall in love with someone who seems wonderful. You know that when you meet this guy, the happy feeling you experience could only be an appreciation and not necessarily love.

8. Make sure you test your love desire

Perhaps the main reason why someone is so easily swallowed away in love is that they want to find it. 

You want to be in love only. Such a warm feeling you want. 

Of course, you won't be suited to everybody you meet or date. This just means you don't have to make up with someone just because you want to find love so badly.

You must know that the main driving force of your feeling for someone is your desire to be loved and in a relationship.

9. Make your intention known

Oh, the challenge, the end, the gauntlet drop, tell it as it is, kill off the possibility, a line 'there's nothing between us,' or 'just like a friend, I think of you.' Even though it's hard to say, by announcing the limit, you have to draw a clear line. 

When you can't be firm in your words, your acts can't be firm. If you have difficulty being direct and seem to be attached to several people in the gray area, it makes them even more likely to tied up by saying, "I'm cutting relations."

You don't have to be mean, just tell the truth. That's sufficient if things don't make sense for you. There's no justification why you ought to love or like him if this guy loves you.

10. Control your feelings

Finally, no one but yourself can control your emotions. And your feelings can be controlled. Although we tend to think that feels like love can hit us out of the blue, we can also choose how our feelings are controlled. Just because we don't believe like anything means like it does not have to be real. You both have just begun to date, start with the larger picture of your relation? How well know you? How well do you know that person? It's nice to see the emotional activators as well. What do you think is causing you to fall quickly and hard? Is it because you're afraid you're alone? The management of your emotions will help you to keep track of the truth between you and your new partner.


Both of us like the feeling of affection. Love is complicated. If you love the right one, a lifetime of happiness will bring you. Sometimes you fall for the right one, but you just go into it too quickly or too easily and the excitement goes away too quickly. It is important to strike the right balance. Like a chess game, relationships are. Recall: the race wins slowly and steadily.


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